Aug 5 2020

Regarding September’s 2020 school year graduation ceremony

We will be holding the 2020 school year graduation ceremony according to the following schedule.

The graduation ceremony will take place on September 18 (Friday) from 10:30 to 11:00 at the Shirokane Campus Chapel. Following the graduation ceremony, we will award diplomas at an awards ceremony held from 11:30 in Room 1101. Please see Port Hepburn for details.

As a measure for preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections, we will place restrictions on who will be allowed to attend these ceremonies, and there will be extensive changes and reductions to the usual ceremony schedule. We will also take other measures to prevent and minimize the risk of infections. Specifically, we will be implementing the following infection prevention measures:

•As a rule, ceremonies will be open only to graduating undergraduate and graduate students, not to guardians or other guests. We will also strictly limit the number of attending University personnel and significantly shorten ceremony schedules.
•All attendees must wear facemasks, disinfect hands when entering and leaving the ceremony sites, and have their temperatures taken, etc., upon request. Persons with temperatures exceeding 37.5 °C will not be allowed to enter the campus or ceremonies.
•Doors will be kept open to improve ventilation at ceremony sites.
•Campus entry by nongraduating registered students for participation in ceremonies, celebratory gatherings, etc., is prohibited.
•The traditional graduation party (hosted by the Alumni Association) is cancelled; instead, graduating students will be given a congratulatory gift.

Note that there may be further changes according to developing situations. In that event, notifications will be posted to the University website and Port Hepburn.