Oct 6 2020

University policies for overseas travel (Updated January 24, 2022)

In March of this year, Meiji Gakuin University announced its “University Guidelines Corresponding to MOFA Travel Safety Levels” for University students and faculty.

The health and safety of our students, faculty, and other related persons are our highest priority, so we ask all students considering travel abroad, regardless of reason or purpose, to always follow those guidelines.

If you are a student planning to return to Japan from overseas, or if you are planning to study abroad in the future, please carefully read the following precautionary notes.

Regular international students and general students planning to return from overseas
Japan is currently undergoing strengthened quarantine measures toward preventing the spread of COVID-19 infections, so please follow all instructions by quarantine officers at the airport. Note that you will be required to sequester at home or your secured accommodations for a period of time designated by the government after entering Japan.
※Updated information regarding the waiting period after entering Japan.

Students wishing to study abroad in the future
Selections for study abroad programs, etc., in the next school year and beyond will occur according to the previously announced schedule. However, one to two months prior to the date of departure, we will confirm the designated travel safety level for the destination country before making a final determination of whether study abroad there will be permitted. This applies not only to long-term accredited study abroad programs, but also to study abroad based on departmental curricula and leaves of absence for the purpose of staying abroad.

We appreciate your understanding of the University’s decisions regarding this situation and for your continued support.