Sep 7 2021

Re: Fall semester 2021 classes

All registered students and their guardians

Fall semester 2021 classes are scheduled to start on Saturday, September 18, but COVID-19 infections show no sign of abating. We are providing COVID-19 vaccinations to all those at Meiji Gakuin University wishing to receive it, but due to delays in procuring the vaccine, the second round of vaccinations will not be until October 2–3 (the first round was on September 4–5).

The University was preparing to increase the number of face-to-face lessons to the extent possible in fall semester, but considering the current state of infections and delays in vaccination availability, we decided that the beginning of fall semester will be too early to increase face-to-face lessons.

We therefore recommend that instructors hold their classes online during the period from the start of classes on Saturday, September 18, until two weeks from provision of the second round of vaccinations, which will be Saturday, October 16. It will be the University recommendation for classes to be held remotely to the extent possible, but the final decision will lie with class instructors, who depending on the characteristics of their class may elect to hold face-to-face classes that will thoroughly implement infection prevention measures. Please see manaba, etc., to determine the class formats of courses you are enrolled in. During this period, students will be allowed to remotely participate in classes based on their own judgment, without need for applying for permission beforehand.

Regarding class formats from Monday, October 18, we will decide what to do according to the state of COVID-19 infections and vaccinations, and announce our decision on the University website, etc.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation as we try to start fall semester classes in a way that prevents infections and places the utmost priority on the health of our students and other University stakeholders.

Leo Murata, President
Meiji Gakuin University
Sep 6 2021