Aug 6 2021

Regarding Workplace Vaccination Program for students and faculty desiring them (August 6 Revision)

We have received notice from the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology that vaccinations for the University are scheduled to begin in the week of August 30 at the earliest.

As a result, our schedule for first and second rounds of vaccinations are currently as follows:

First doses: From 4 Sep (Sat) through 5 Sep (Sun)Second doses: From 2 Oct (Sat) through 3 Oct (Sun)

Note: Depending on the results of a preferences survey, we may shorten the vaccination period.

We will separately notify you how we will handle classes. Note that the above schedule may be delayed by a week, or even two or more, if the vaccine does not arrive in time.

The following update was made on August 6 Meiji Gakuin University

● Regarding the University vaccination schedule
With regards to when we will start providing vaccinations, we are currently waiting for confirmation of supply schedules.

Currently, we hope to be able to provide vaccinations as follows, and are making preparations accordingly:
First doses: From Aug 28 (Sat) through Aug 30 (Mon)
Second doses: From Sep 25 (Sat) through Sep 27 (Mon)

The above schedule may be delayed by a week or two if the vaccine does not arrive in time. We expect to be able to confirm the schedule by early August.
We will separately notify you how we will handle classes.

● Regarding the start of vaccine reservations
We will have a dedicated website for vaccine reservations, and currently expect to start accepting reservations on August 18 (Wed). Again, this schedule may be delayed by a week or two, depending on vaccine availability.

The following update was made on July 30 Meiji Gakuin University

The University is currently creating a reservation system and preparing a venue for the Workplace Vaccination Program, but the vaccine supply schedule has been significantly delayed. We are currently forecasting delays of about one month behind the original schedule.
We will announce a detailed schedule as soon as the vaccine supply schedule is finalized. Note that those wishing to receive vaccinations through local-government or large-scale vaccination programs may do so without waiting for the university’s program.

The following update was made on July 6 Meiji Gakuin University

In preparation for expanded implementation of face-to-face instruction in fall semester and beyond, the University hopes to realize as many vaccinated students and faculty as possible. With the cooperation of Tokyo Takanawa Hospital, we are currently preparing Workplace Vaccination Program system that will cover all Meiji Gakuin University students and faculty desiring them.

Date:Vaccinations (using the Moderna vaccine) are expected to begin in late July 2021
Location:Pallet Zone Shirokane, Shirokane campus
Target:All Meiji Gakuin University students, faculty, and staff wishing to be vaccinated

We will be conducting a questionnaire for confirming those wishing to receive the vaccination; please be sure to respond to it if you want to be vaccinated. Note that this vaccination is not mandatory, and those deciding not to be vaccinated will not be penalized for that decision.

The above describes our current plans. Changes may occur due to the timing of vaccine supply, etc. We will provide details of how to apply, etc., via Port Hepburn and email as soon as they are decided.

June 17, 2021
Meiji Gakuin University