Apr 20 2021

Regarding University measures related to preventing off-campus COVID-19 infection clusters

To all registered students and guardians:

On April 16th (Friday), we announced on the University website that a cluster of COVID-19 infections occurred as a result of off-campus student group activities. Since then, we have confirmed that this event did indeed lead to a spread of infections, and the University is taking this situation very seriously.

We have asked all those in the groups involved to quarantine themselves at home since the 16th, but to extend consideration to those who may have come into contact with those students, we are also asking such persons to remain at home for observation for a period of two weeks from the last school day before the event (Thursday April 15 through Thursday April 29). Furthermore, we are implementing the following measures at all University campuses:

1)As of today, we have asked all instructors to conduct their courses remotely to the extent possible, following the face-to-face (with simultaneous broadcast) format. Please confirm your instructors’ directions on manaba, etc., to participate in classes. Note that we are not implementing any restrictions on campus entry as a part of this.

2)During this period, all students will be allowed to remotely participate in classes at their own discretion. No special applications are required to do so.

3)In the event that you fall ill, please immediately contact the University.
Health Support Center (Shirokane): hsc@mguad.meijigakuin.ac.jp
Health Support Center (Yokohama): yhsc@mguad.meijigakuin.ac.jp
When doing so, we may ask you to confirm in detail your activities since the outbreak to help us prevent further on-campus infections.

4)Please refer to notices from the Student Affairs Department regarding extracurricular activities.

The above measures may be extended depending on how this situation develops. In that event, we will post further information on the University website.

The increasing number of new COVID-19 infections in Tokyo and Kanagawa Prefecture is a matter of serious concern. One of the factors in the occurrence of this cluster was public eating and drinking without taking measures against infection; please avoid such activities, even when performed outdoors.

We ask everyone for your cooperation in taking even more thorough measures in all aspects of preventing COVID-19 infections.

Leo Murata, President
Meiji Gakuin University
19 April 2021