Jan 8 2021

Requests regarding measures against COVID-19 infections for those planning to take an entrance examination at our University

Please note the following regarding entrance exams (including those held at off-campus test sites and common tests for university admission):

1.Even if you are not experiencing fever, coughing, or other symptoms, please wear a mask on the day of the test and keep it on the entire time you are at the test site, except when showing your face to confirm your identity and when eating lunch. If you arrive without a mask, please request one from University staff. If you have a condition preventing mask use, please make prior arrangements (but note that we may not be able to accommodate all requests for exemption from mask use).

2.Please avoid congregating at test-site entranceways, hallways, restrooms, etc., and maintain adequate social distancing from other test-takers.

3.Please use disinfectant solution to disinfect your hands each time you enter and leave the testing room.

4.If you experience fever, coughing, or other symptoms within the two weeks before the test date, please visit a doctor to ensure you can safely take the test.

5.You cannot take entrance exams (including those held at off-campus test sites and common tests for university admission) if you become infected with COVID-19, etc., before the test date unless a doctor has confirmed your recovery.

6.It will not be possible to take entrance exams at the test site (including off-campus test sites) if a public health center, etc., classifies you as having been in close contact with an infected person.

7.Please take your temperature at home daily from approximately one week before the test date, and do not take the examination if you experience a fever of 37.5 °C or higher, coughing, or otherwise do not feel well. If you experience fever, coughing, etc., at the test site, please notify University staff. Depending on your symptoms, you should consider ceasing test-taking and taking a make-up exam instead (but note that there are no make-up exams for testing schedule B).

8.Please avoid contact and conversing with other test-takers during break times. Please bring your own lunch and eat at your own seat. Please do not talk during lunch, and put your mask back on when you are done eating.

9.We may open testing room doors and windows for ventilation during breaks. Please bring a jacket or other articles of clothing to stay warm.

10.There will be no waiting rooms provided on the day of the test. As a rule, test-takers should come alone.

11.After completing the exam, please follow University staff guidance when returning home. Please take any used masks home with you (do not discard them at the test site). After returning home, please wash your hands and mouth.

12.In the days leading up to the test, please take care of yourself by washing and disinfecting your hands, observing cough etiquette, maintaining physical distance from others, avoiding closed spaces, crowds, and close contact with others, eating balanced meals, and getting sufficient exercise, nutrition, and sleep. We also recommend getting vaccinations at your discretion, and downloading the COVID-19 contact application “COCOA.”

The Admissions Center, Meiji Gakuin University