Jul 9 2021

Class formats and final exams from Monday, July 12

A new state of emergency has been declared, starting from Monday, July 12.

We have recommended all instructors to conduct their courses remotely to the extent possible.
At their own discretion, students will be allowed to remotely participate in classes until Wednesday, July 21. No special applications are required for this. The same holds for summer-session courses held during the summer break.Note that with the exception of those students who have already applied for remote course participation, final exams for spring semester courses will be held in classrooms.

Due to unavoidable circumstances, some faculty-designated courses (designated courses in the Legal Professional Course, etc.) may request that students come to campus to take final exams. We will be thoroughly engaging in infection prevention measures, so please be prepared if you are taking courses that will hold final exams in classrooms. See Port Hepburn for details regarding final exams.

Once we have decided details related to fall semester (which starts on Saturday, September 18), we will post them on the University website and Port Hepburn, so please watch those sites.

9 July 2021
11 July Revision
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