Dec 2 2022

Hosting a researcher from Ukraine’s Odesa University

Meiji Gakuin University is currently hosting two Associate Professors as Visiting Fellow from Odesa I.I. Mechnikov National University in Odesa, Ukraine. Both will be conducting research at the University.

They are coming as part of a program that aims to support Ukrainian researchers who are in difficult circumstances by inviting them to come and utilize the University’s research facilities.

The researchers are Drs. Krasnytska Kateryna and Bondarenko Kateryna, who came to Japan in September and October. They are currently using our libraries and other resources to conduct their research activities. Both have become thoroughly accustomed to their life in Japan and are now able to pursue their research in a relaxing, calm environment. Their future plans include interactions with on-campus classes and with other researchers.

The following is a message from them.

Dr.Krasnytska Kateryna
Associate Professor of the Department of English Lexicology and Stylistics

specializes in Germanic languages (English, German).
Lecturer at the Odesa National Mechnikov University.
Scientific interests include cognitive linguistics, ethnolinguistic studies and conceptology.

Her recent works include scientific articles on the following topics:
"Humorous aspect of the concept COVID-19 in the English-language conceptual world-image" (2021),
"Concept MEMORY in the novel A Buried Giant by a modern Japanese writer Kazuo Ishiguro" (2020)

It is my first visit to Japan and the country fascinates me. I am very interested to have a better knowledge of Japanese culture and mentality. If any of the students want to help me with my research of the core concepts of Japanese culture or just to share some insights about English or Japanese language, I will be very happy to meet them.

Dr. Kateryna Bondarenko
Associate Professor at the Department of Theoretical and Applied Phonetics of English language

Let me briefly introduce myself: I’m Dr. Kateryna Bondarenko from Odesa National Mechnikov University. My specialty is Linguistics, namely English Philology and Literature.

Her recent works :
‘’Lingual Means of Imperative in the Lecture and Sermon Discourses’’ (2020)
‘’The peculiarities of the religious discourse’’(International scientific and practical conference "Problems of philological sciences, intercultural communication and translation studies in Ukraine and the EU".Venice, Italy, 2020)
‘’Online lectures and their types’’ (The Third International scientific conference “Features of the Development of Modern Science in the Pandemic’s Era”. Berlin, Germany, 2021)

I am very happy to have the chance to perform my research here as well as get to know Japanese culture and language. Thank you for giving me the opportunity!