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Librarians in Japan (Material search and other issues)

  1. Please use OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) to see if the Meiji Gakuin University Library has the materials you require.
  2. Apply for permission by sending a fax in advance to the library where the materials you require are held (Shirokane or Yokohama). State the material name, call number, material ID, user name and desired usage date.
  3. Have a letter of introduction issued after you get a decision from Meiji Gakuin University Library. Materials can be used for one day for each letter of introduction and referral form.

About inter-library loan

  1. The Meiji Gakuin University Library is a member of the NACSIS-ILL (inter-library loan) system and fee offsetting service. Please file your application through that system. Applications are also accepted by fax and post.
  2. Please do not request materials that are available at the National Diet Library or a public library.
  3. Copies cost 40 yen per page (color copies not available). Books can be borrowed for 1 month (for use in library only). For details, please see the NACSIS-ILL Lending Policy.

Browsing rare and historical collections and valuable materials

If OPAC indicates that a material is shelved in “Shirokane B2 Rare and Historical Collections Room (Map),” browsing is allowed only for persons with a clear research objective. Please submit your application in advance to browse these materials. If permission is granted, you will be able to browse these materials. Submit an application to browse valuable materials together with your material search collection inquiry.