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To visitors of Meiji Gakuin University

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Notes on using the library

* The library is available for visitors who are doing research and who wish to use specific books and other materials owned by the library.
* It is forbidden to use any computer stations in the library other than those dedicated for OPAC (Online Public Access Catalog) use. You may bring your own laptop computer for use in the library, but it will not be able to connect to the Internet.
* If you have any overdue books, you will not be able to borrow any additional books. Your borrowing rights will be restored the day after the overdue books are returned.
* Please be quiet while in the library so others will not be disturbed.
* Please do not eat, drink or use your mobile phone in the library.
* Do not leave books or belongings unattended. Always keep valuables with you.
* You will need to reimburse the library for any lost materials. The same applies to soiled or damaged materials. Please report if this happens.

Please contact us, if you have any questions about these rules.

Meiji Gakuin University Library Public Service Section(Shirokane Campus)

Tel: 03-5421-5177
Fax: 03-5421-5178
E-mail: unyou@mguad.meijigakuin.ac.jp

Meiji Gakuin University Library Public Service Section (Yokohama Campus)

Tel: 045-863-2037
Fax: 045-863-2189
E-mail: yokoun@mguad.meijigakuin.ac.jp