Associate Professor
Department of International Studies
Faculty of International Studies


Date of Birth 11 October, 1963
Present Position Associate Professor, Faculty of International Studies, Meiji Gakuin University
Current Specialization International History, International Organization, British Imperial History
Academic Records 1996-2001 St. Antony's College, University of Oxford
Doctral Thesis (2002):
" An Invisible Surrender: The United Nations and the End of the British Empire, 1956-1963"
John G. Darwin (Nuffield College, University of Oxford) 
Neil S. MacFarlane (St. Anne's College, Director of the Centre for International Studies, University of Oxford)
1991-1996 Doctoral Course (completed)
Western History, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo
1989-1991 M.A. Western History
Western History, Graduate School of Humanities and Sociology, University of Tokyo
" Postwar Anglo-American Relations and the Formation of NATO, 1945-1949"
Supervisors: Prof. Yoichi Kibata, Prof. Seiji Kimura
1983-1989 B.A. Western History
Western History, Faculty of Letters, University of Tokyo
" Postwar Anglo-American Relations and the Military Base Question, 1945-1947"
1979-1983 Senior High School
Kunitachi Senior High School, Kunitachi, Tokyo
(1980-1981, Netherhall School, Cambridge, UK)
Grant/Scholarships 2000-2001 Scholarship from the Matsushita International Foundation
1999-2000 Beit Fund for Commonwealth Studies
1996-1999 John Swire Centenary Scholarship (selected as the only recipient from Japan)
1996-1999 various research/travel grants from: the Cyril Foster and Related Funds, the Centre for International Studies, Social Studies Centre; Graduate Studies Fund, Modern History Faculty; Carr and Stahl Fund, St.Antony's College. (University of Oxford)
1991-1994 Japan Ikuei-kai Scholarship
Academic Experience February 22,
'US Role in the Security of Northeast Asia' (2004 Asia-Pacific Round Table at Hotel Okura, Sappro)
December 20,
'An Invisible Surrender: the UN and the Disappearance of the European Formal Empires' (the International Conference at Hokkaido University, Saporo, Japan, The Role of the United Nations in International Politics- A Historical Re-examination from the Member States` Perspectives
a presentation paper,"Competitive Coalition ? Issues of Anglo-American Relations 1961-1963"
at the Modern History Faculty, University of Oxford
May, 1996 presentation paper, "European Empires and the NATO Formation, 1945-1949"
at the Annual Conference of the Japan European History Association (at Waseda University, Tokyo)
June, 1991 a presentation paper, "Anglo-American Relations and the Origins of the NATO Pact -- Global Dimensions, 1945-1948" 
at the Gendaishi Kenkyu-kai (the Society for Contemporary History)
Work Experience May 1998 worked as a translator for a group of Japanese journalists (Asahi, Mainichi, Yomiuri, Nikkei) who conducted research on the 'devolution' issue in England, Wales and Scotland.
1997 have periodically taught International Relations, International Relations in East Asia, Asian Modern History, Post-war International History, Modern World History, Modern Japanese History, Advanced English Composition, Studying Abroad (in English) as a special lecturer at the Scientific Education Group (SEG), Shinjuku, Tokyo at high school and university undergraduate level.
1997 a translation of an article on Japanese contemporary music for strings by Kazushi Ishida (from Japanese to English).The Strad (August 1997, Orpheus Publications, London)
1991-1996 regularly gave highly popular English classes at the Scientific Education Group (SEG), Shinjuku, Tokyo, and Sunyu Preparation School, Ikebukuro, Tokyo.
Publications 1  "The Origins of the Anglo-American 'informal' empire in the Middle East, 1945-1947'Kokusai-Seiji (Journal of International Politics, Japan Association of International Relations)(in Japanese)Vol.141, 2005.

2  'The Wars in Afghanistan and Iraq: the Suez Analogy' Soubun (in Japanese) Vol.464 (May 2004)

3  'The Suez Crisis of 1956 and the UN's 'invisible' roles' Hokkaido University Law Faculty Journal (in Japanese)Vol.54-2 (May 2003)

4  "The United Nations and the Disappearance of the British Empire, 1960-1963"
Kokusai Seiji (Journal of International Relations) Vol.126 (Feb. 2001)

5  "The End of the British Empire: the UN Anti-colonial Resolution of 1960"
Oxford International Review Vol.10-2 (winter 2000)

6   "The United Nations and the End of the British Empire: The Impact of the Sharpville Incident in the Union of South Africa in March 1960"
Gendaishi Kenkyu (Journal of Contemporary History) Vol.45 (1999)

7  22 entries for the Sekaishi Jiten (Dictionary of World History), Kadokawa Shoten

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