Established in 1986, PRIME conducts peace research utilizing our international networks. In addition to disarmament, demilitarization and international security, the fields we cover include broad areas of peace studies such as development, human rights, environment and gender issues.

PRIME Directors

1986-1992 Toshiyuki Toyoda
1992-1993 Yoshikazu Sakamoto
1993-1995 Motofumi Asai
1995-1998 Kinhide Mushanokouji
1998-2002 Makoto Katsumata
2002-2004 Takao Takahara
2004-2010 Makoto Katsumata
2010-2012 Shigeki Takeo
2012-2014 Makoto Katsumata
2014-   Takao Takahara