Kakuichi Heike: English titles of McCullough translation
Long vowels unmarked (marked here).
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(b) Rufubon: J | J+R | J+M | E+J
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1.1 Gion Shoja
1.2 The Night Attack at the Courtiers' Hall
1.3 The Sea Bass
1.4 Page-Boy Cuts
1.5 Kiyomori's Flowering Fortunes
1.6 Gio
1.7 Twice an Imperial Consort
1.8 The Quarrel Over the Tablets
1.9 The Burning of Kiyomizudera
1.10 The Naming of the Crown Prince
1.11 Horsemen Encounter the Regent
1.12 Shishi-no-tani
1.13 The Matter of Shunkan and the Battle at Ukawa
1.14 The Vows
1.15 Petitioning with Sacred Palanquins
1.16 The Burning of the Imperial Palace
2.1 The Exile of the Tendai Abbot
2.2 The Matter of Holy Teacher Yixing
2.3 The Execution of Saiko
2.4 The Lesser Admonition
2.5 A Successful Plea for the Lesser Captain
2.6 The Admonition
2.7 The Matter of the Signal Fires
2.8 The Exile of the Major Counselor
2.9 The Pine of Akoya
2.10 The Death of the Major Counselor
2.11 The Matter of Tokudaiji
2.12 The Destruction of the Enryakuji: The Worker-Monk Battles
2.13 The Destruction of the Enryakuji
2.14 The Burning of the Zenkoji
2.15 Yasuyori's Prayer
2.16 Stupas Cast Afloat
2.17 Su Wu
3.1 The Pardon
3.2 The Foot-Drumming
3.3 The Imperial Lying-In
3.4 An Array of Senior Nobles
3.5 The Building of the Great Stupa
3.6 Raigo
3.7 The Lesser Captain's Return to the City
3.8 Ario
3.9 The Bishop's Death
3.10 The Tornado
3.11 An Exchange of Views Concerning a Physicia
3.12 The Unadorned Sword
3.13 The Matter of the Lanterns
3.14 The Transmission of Gold
3.15 An Exchange of Views with the Dharma Seal
3.16 The Exiling of the Ministers of State
3.17 The Matter of Yukitaka
3.18 The Exile of the Retired Emperor
3.19 The Seinan Detached Palace
4.1 The Imperial Journey to Itsukushima
4.2. The Imperial Return
4.3 An Array of Genji
4.4 The Matter of the Weasels
4.5 Nobutsura
4.6 Kio
4.7 The Letter to the Enryakuji
4.8 The Letter to the Southern Capital
4.9 A Prolonged General Meeting
4.10 An Array of Monks
4.11 The Battle at the Bridge
4.12. The Death of the Prince
4.13 The Young Prince Becomes a Monk
4.14 The Matter of Tojo
4.15 The Thrush Monsters
4.16 The Burningof Miidera
5.1 The Transfer of the Capital
5.2 Moon-Viewing
5.3 Strange Occurrences
5.4 The Fast Courier
5.5 An Array of Court Enemies
5.6 The Xianyang Palace
5.7 Mongaku's Austerities
5.8 The Subscription List
5.9 Mongaku's Exile
5.10 The Retired Emperor's Fukuhara Edict
5.11 Fuji River
5.12 The Matter of the Gosechi Dances
5.13 The Return to the Old Capital
5.14 The Burning of Nara
6.1 The Death of the New Retired Emperor
6.2. Autumn Leaves
6.3 Aoi
6.4 Kogo
6.5 The Circular Letter
6.6 The Arrival of the Couriers
6.7 The Death of Kiyomori
6.8 The Man-Made Island
6.9 Jishinbo
6.10 The Gion Consort
6.11 The Hoarse Shouts
6.12 The Battle at Yokotagawara
7.1 Shimizu no Kanja
7.2. The Expedition to the Northern Provinces
7.3 The Visit to Chikubushima
7.4 The Battle at Hiuchi
7.5 The Petition
7.6 The Descent into Kurikara
7.7 The Battle at Shinohara
7.8 Sanemori
7.9 Genbo
7.10 Kiso's Letter to the Enryakuji
7.11 The Reply
7.12 The Heike Joint Petition to Mount Hiei
7.13 The Emperor's Flight from the Capital
7.14 Koremori's Flight from the Capital
7.15 Imperial Visits
7.16 Tadanori's Flight from the Capital
7.17 Tsunemasa's Flight from the Capital
7.18 Concerning Seizan
7.19 The Flight of the Heike from the Capital
7.20 The Flight from Fukuhara
8.1 The Imperial Journey to the Enryakuji
8.2 Natora
8.3 The Reel of Thread
8.4 The Flight from the Dazaifu
8.5 The Retired Emperor Appoints a Barbarian-Subduing Commander
8.6 Nekoma
8.7 The Battle at Mizushima
8.8 The Death of Seno
8.9 Muroyama
8.10 The Tsuzumi Police Lieutenant
8.11 The Battle at the Hojuji
9.1 The Matter of Ikezuki
9.2 The First Man Across the Uji River
9.3 The Battle at the Riverbed
9.4 The Death of Kiso
9.5 The Execution of Higuchi
9.6 Six Battles
9.7 The Array of Forces at Mikusa
9.8 The Battle at Mikusa
9.9 The Old Horse
9.10 First and Second Attackers
9.11 The Double Charge
9.12 The Assault from the Cliff
9.13 The Death of Etchu no Zenji
9.14 The Death of Tadanori
9.15 The Capture of Shigehira
9.16 The Death of Atsumori
9.17 The Death of Tomoakira
9.18 The Flight
9.19 Kozaisho's Suicide
10.1 The Parade of Heads
10.2 The Lady-in-Waiting at the Imperial Palace
10.3 The Retired Emperor's Edict to Yashima
10.4 The Reply
10.5 A Statement of Precepts
10.6 The Journey Down the Eastern Sea Road
10.7 Senju-no-Mae
10.8 Yokobue
10.9 The Book of Koya
10.10 Koremori Becomes a Monk
10.11 The Pilgrimage to Kumano
10.12. The Suicide of Koremori
10.13 The Three-Day Heiji
10.14 Fujito
10.15 The Imperial Pilgrimage To Mount Koya
11.1 Reverse Oars
11.2 Katsuura Beach and Ozakagoe Pass
11.3 The Death of Tsuginobu
11.4 Nasu no Yoichi
11.5 The Dropped Bow
11.6 The Battle at Shido
11.7 The Cockfights and the Battle at Dan-no-ura
11.8 Distant Arrows
11.9 The Drowning of the Former Emperor
11.10 The Death of Noritsune
11.11 The Sacred Mirror Enters the Capital
11.12 Swords
11.13 The Parading of the Heike Along the Avenue
11.14 The Mirror
11.15 The Matter of the Letters
11.16 The Execution of Fukusho
11.17 Koshigoe
11.18 The Execution of the Minister of State
11.19 The Execution of Shigehira
12.1 The Great Earthquake
12.2 The Matter of the Indigo Dyer
12.3 The Exile of the Taira Major Counselor
12.4 The Execution of Tosabo
12.5 Hogan's Flight from the Capital
12.6 The Matter of the Yoshida Major Counselor
12.7 Rokudai
12.8 Hase Rokudai
12.9 The Execution of Rokudai
K.1 The Imperial Lady Becomes a Nun
K.2 The Imperial Lady Goes to Ohara
K.3 The Imperial Journey to Ohara
K.4 The Matter of the Six Paths
K.5 The Death of the Imperial Lady

Helen Craig McCullough, The Tale of the Heike (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1988)
@1988 by the Board of Trustees of the Leland Stanford Junior University

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