Faculty introduction

A pioneering international studies faculty that encourages students to discover their own field of interest

Since our establishment in 1986 as Japan’s first faculty of international studies, we have academically and practically endeavored to bring forth a more just world. We created our vision of “international studies” by organically forging knowledge from a variety of academic disciplines that include politics, economics, religion, law, geography, linguistics, culture and literature. Indeed, our Faculty’s greatest quality is its interdisciplinary character. Our program not only helps you to broadly yet deeply view our world from many perspectives, but it also fosters your ability to critically evaluate information that you gain from your studies.These are vital skills for actively foreseeing and engaging social changes and global transformations.
We ask these things of our students:
Read extensively and deepen your understanding of world issues.
Go off-campus and expose yourself to actual conditions outside the classroom.
Express what you have learned from international studies in your papers and research projects.
International studies is not a body of received knowledge but rather a discipline that is being constantly created. We thus want our students to create and implement dynamic international studies that envision a future better for us all.

Kohki ABE, Dean, Faculty of International Studies

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