Faculty introduction

A pioneering international studies faculty that encourages students to discover their own field of interest

When the Faculty of International Studies was founded in 1986, it was the first university faculty in Japan to use the term “international studies” in its title. Since then, the number of faculties with the same title has proliferated, and countless others bear titles such as “Faculty of International Economics” or the like. Yet the name of Meiji Gakuin University’s pioneering Faculty of International Studies expresses a deep intentionality. While such a faculty must by its nature incorporate international knowledge, we do not accept that existing developed-nation-centric perspectives are in all cases the best. To the contrary, we believe it is essential to welcome the perspectives of ordinary people into our work. It is also significant that we do not include a term such as “economics” or “politics” after the term “international.” Our faculty enables students to study a diversity of fields under the same metaphorical roof, and it is our hope that they will seek out and pursue those which interest them most, thus filling in the blank after “international” for themselves. After all, that’s what it means to offer a personalized education.

Hiroshi Toya, Dean, Faculty of International Studies

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