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Our educational principles and our history of over 60 years have produced a succession of promising scholars and professionals.

The Graduate School of Meiji Gakuin University has its foundation in Christian-based education and in the freedom of scholarly learning. We engage in research and teaching of profound scholarship, both in theory and in application. Our further purpose is to foster the ability to provide research guidance, to develop professional capabilities in advanced specializations, and to cultivate deep scholarly attainments and outstanding competence. In this way, we seek to contribute to the greater advancement of human culture and welfare.
The purpose of our master’s degree program (first-stage doctoral degree program) is to impart deep and detailed knowledge on the basis of breadth of vision, and to develop the high-level competence required in professions that demand the ability to conduct research in specialized fields or that call for a high level of professionalism.
The purpose of the doctoral program is to develop the ability to conduct high-level research, the ability to apply research, and the abundance of knowledge that serves as a foundation for those abilities. Those are the abilities required in order to engage in independent research activity as a scholar in the major field of study or to engage pragmatically in high-level professional work at institutions of various kinds.

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For overseas applicants

All classes are offered in Japanese at our Graduate School. And if you would like to enrol in our graduate school, you are required to submit the application with a certificate that verifies your Japanese proficiency level(N1) and have to pass our entrance examination written in Japanese.

Graduate School Office: Guide to Use

What we do Matters related to classes and grades
Matters related to registration (temporary absences, reenrollment, application for withdrawal, withdrawal on expiration of term as student, readmission, completion of program, foreign study)
Matters related to specialized teacher’s license
Matters related to scholarships
We handle the issuance of certificates and related administrative matters.
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