Faculty introduction

Cultivate a Global Perspective that Seeks Peace by Studying at Japan’s First Faculty of International Studies

The Faculty of International Studies was founded in 1986 as Japan’s first undergraduate faculty with a focus on international studies. Since then, our Faculty continues to purse knowledge that will contribute to peaceful international relations. We undertake this academic endeavor with an interdisciplinary perspective that integrates the fields of cultural, economic and political studies. In recent years, due to the progress of globalization there is an increasing flow of “borderless” people who move across cultural, regional and national boundaries. Therefore, mutual understanding between people from different backgrounds is ever more desirable. The Faculty of International Studies offers a wide range of language courses as well as courses related to Asia, Europe, Africa, the Americas, the Middle East, and other world regions. These classes foster a global mindset that encourages coexistence and cooperation by incorporating local diversity. We also encourage students to study off-campus so that they can confirm for themselves the knowledge they learn in class. Through learning experiences outside the classroom such as off-campus studies related to seminars, domestic and international internships, and study abroad programs, we hope that students will become individuals who personally reflect upon the importance of international studies for peacebuilding and can live their lives based on this understanding.

Aoi Mori, Dean, Faculty of International Studies

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