Faculty introduction

Free and independent minds putting the University philosophy of “Do For Others” into practice

The Faculty of Law’s objective is to enable students to put Meiji Gakuin’s founding spirit of Christian-based education and its educational philosophy of “Do for Others” into practice by using their education in law and politics, which the Faculty teaches through four departments: Law, Current Legal Studies, Political Science, and Global Legal Studies (established in 2018). In other words, we hope that when our graduates go out into the world, they will have the courage to raise their voices against situations they deem unacceptable from the perspective of justice and fairness. That is why we teach them to understand other cultures as well as the rules and political systems of society, give them the critical thinking and decision-making skills to make use of their knowledge, and nurture their desire and commitment to contribute to society (see section two of Meiji Gakuin University’s School Regulations, “Goals and Educational Objectives Related to the Cultivation of Human Resources”). No matter how much society changes, the need for such individuals remains the same. And indeed, our graduates have put abilities gained in the Faculty to use in fields including the law (in April 2020, we collaborated with other leading law schools to launch a course for students interested in a career in the legal profession), the civil service, the private sector both in Japan and abroad, non-profit organizations, politics, and the media. We hope you’ll join our previous and current students in developing a free and independent mind that remains unswayed by passing trends or outside influence.

Makoto Imao, Dean, Faculty of Law

Admission Policy