Faculty introduction

Free and independent minds putting the University philosophy of “Do For Others” into practice

The Faculty of Law provides education that embodies the University’s founding spirit (“Christian-based moral education”) and educational philosophy (“Do for Others”) through the study of law and political science in four departments: Law, Current Legal Studies, Global Law, and Political Science. We aim to develop human resources who, after graduating from the Faculty of Law and entering society, when faced with situations that conflict with their concept of justice and fairness will have the courage to raise their voices. To that end, you will learn about society’s rules, political mechanisms, and systems, understand different cultures, acquire the thinking and judgment ability to use this knowledge, and contribute to society and the world with spirit and ambition. In this way, we develop human resources who can play active roles.
No matter how the world changes, there will always be need for such human resources. Indeed, our graduates have utilized what they learned in the Faculty of Law in a wide variety of fields, including judicial areas (in April 2020 we collaborated with other leading law schools to establish a special course for students wishing to enter legal professions) and as lawyers, as civil servants, at domestic and international firms and NPOs, and in politics and the media. While studying in the Faculty of Law, we hope you will cultivate an independent and free spirit that is not unduly influenced by circumstances and fads.

Makoto Imao, Dean, Faculty of Law

Admission Policy