Center for Liberal Arts

Aiming to acquire a comprehensive education for coping with the various problems arising in the world

We can roughly divide the courses available at Meiji Gakuin University into two types. One is the specialized departmental courses that each faculty offers. The other is the elective courses that any student can take, and these encompass a wide variety of areas, including subjects in the humanities like foreign languages, philosophy, and literature, social sciences such as history and cultural anthropology, natural sciences such as mathematics and chemistry, and courses related to health and the sports sciences. . The latter category covers such a wide range of fields because it is vital that we learn to think from multiple perspectives when attempting to solve the varied problems that arise in our world every day. For example, a major issue today is the impact that the COVID-19 pandemic will have on human history. We hope that through the Meiji Gakuin Common Curriculum, you will cultivate both a broad perspective and deep knowledge..

Yuko Watanabe, Dean, Center for Liberal Arts