Faculty introduction

Exploring the mind and supporting individuals through the new human science of psychology

When the Faculty of Psychology was established in 2004, the educational philosophy that its faculty members came up with was “searching for the mind in support of the people.” This educational philosophy expresses the strong desire of our instructors for fostering those who can learn the fundamentals of psychology and apply what they learn to the psychological support of others.

The Faculty of Psychology includes specialists in various fields, from basic to clinical psychology, from whom you can deeply learn the mechanisms of the human mind and about human behavior and relationships. The Department of Education and Child Development was created by combining pedagogy (primary education) with the fields of psychology and disability science, which are specialties of the Meiji Gakuin University Faculty of Psychology that collaborate to realize psychological support. We hope you will acquire practical skills for problem solving in today’s society with a basis in psychology, and that you will play an active role in various social fields.

Takeyoshi Nozue, Dean, Faculty of Psychology

Admission Policy