Major of Business & Law

(Master's Program)

Fostering leaders with the integrated legal and business background essential for corporate success

In today's society, both private companies and public agencies have become highly specialized. While we acknowledge the merits of this trend, we also recognize the damage done by the siloization of various organizations. The response of this graduate program is to offer an interdisciplinary curriculum integrating the study of law and business so that students can investigate the nature of thriving, rational business management. The program is furthermore designed to enable students to respond appropriately to the various problems that inevitably arise when running a business by teaching them the theory of business management and law in an integrated manner incorporating abundant case studies. For example, in Introduction to Business 1 and 2 (required classes), both a professor of business and a professor of law are always present in the classroom. Students in these classes examine cases that span both fields, such as the Supreme Court's rejection of Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare regulations of internet sales of pharmaceuticals, analyzing these cases through free and vigorous debate from the perspective of both business and law, and ultimately arrive at comprehensive solutions. The program seeks applicants with the desire to bridge theory and practice by combining deep insight into a specialized field with broad awareness of both business and the law.


Cultivating the next generation of business leaders

In order to maintain and develop businesses, leaders need strong decision-making abilities as well as knowledge of the laws related to corporate compliance and asset management. As the shortage of business leaders willing and able to take over small and mid-sized enterprises worsens, it is essential for interested individuals to rapidly learn how to respond to the many problems that can arise in business management, even if they lack the experience needed to lead business development. The Graduate Program in Business and Law enables students to gain these abilities through a robust curriculum taught by faculty members whose diverse backgrounds span both business and law.

Fostering professionals

Today, there is a strong and rising demand for even profit-oriented companies to move beyond the pursuit of short-term profit and focus on corporate compliance and social responsibility. In order for students to increase the value they bring to jobs in the business world, it is essential that they develop the skills to identify and solve problems from a perspective integrating business and legal knowledge. In addition to supporting the development of these skills, the Graduate Program in Business and Law emphasizes attainment of knowledge and analytical and communication skills through advanced classes and completion of a master's thesis, cultivating professionals with the ability to become leaders in management consultancies, legal departments, and other key corporate positions.

Subject exemption on the certified tax accountant examination

Students writing their thesis on tax law may apply for exemption from subjects on the certified tax accountant examination relating to tax law, and students writing their thesis on accounting may apply for exemption from subjects relating to accounting. Please be aware that subject exemption depends on passing a screening by the National Tax Agency, and not all applicants pass this screening.

Consumer Life Master Advisor

We are one of only five graduate schools in Japan recognized by the Japan Industrial Association as providing certification as a Consumer Life Master Advisor. The Graduate School offers the courses needed to meet one of the requirements for obtaining this certification. See the dedicated page on Meiji Gakuin University’s Graduate School of Business and Law website for details.