Developing personnel who are able to respond to the range of issues faced by children today

The purpose of education and research at the Graduate School of Psychology is to develop personnel with high-level capabilities built upon a foundation of psychology to contribute to society in a range of situations, based on the educational philosophy of “investigating the mind and supporting people.” The Major of Education and Child Development aims to produce personnel that are able to deal with the complicated present-day issues of increasing rates of bullying and truancy, increasing rates of children requiring special support, child poverty, and child abuse, learning difficulties, and declining academic motivation. Specifically, we aim to develop the following four capabilities: firstly, the ability to analyze and understand the modern issues that surround children from a multifaceted perspective; secondly, the ability to conduct assessments and provide counseling to solve issues relating to child development; thirdly, the ability to provide the appropriate instruction and support for development in relation to issues faced by individual children with regard to study, etc.; and fourthly, the ability to design human and physical environments that surround children, and to implement and achieve the designs. In order to do this, the Major of Education and Child Development has a curriculum that seeks to achieve a balance between theory and practice for the mental development and education of children, and furthermore, seeks to develop high-level support capabilities that enable people to approach children, parents, teachers, and the education environment, based on comprehensive specialized knowledge of psychology, education, and disability science.


Obtainable qualifications and certificates

  • Eligibility to sit the clinical developmental psychologist examination
  • Specialized kindergarten teaching certificate, elementary teaching certificate, and special needs school teaching certificate

About clinical developmental psychologists

Clinical developmental psychologists are specialists that understand that anyone can have special needs according to their development throughout their life, and have assessment and support skills for development, from an inclusive perspective. At present, more than 4,000 clinical developmental psychologists make contributions throughout Japan, by providing support for everyday lifestyles in places such as preschools and schools, as well as clinics and counselling institutions, in response to issues that include parenting support, special needs education, bullying, employment support, and support for the elderly. We provide the designated courses and practical training necessary to be eligible to sit the examination needed to obtain clinical developmental psychologist qualifications.

About specialized teaching certificates

Specialized teaching certificates are one of the types of regular teaching certificates as provided for by Article 4 of the Education Personnel Certification Act (Act No. 147 of 1949). Students of this major are able to obtain the applicable specialized teaching certificates in the event that they have already obtained a type-1 kindergarten, elementary school, or special needs school teaching certificate, by completing subjects relating to obtaining certificates.* *Students that wish to obtain multiple types of specialized teaching certificates should consult the faculty.

Faculty of Psychology Institute for Psychological Research

The Faculty of Psychology Institute for Psychological Research was created for the purpose of contributing to the academic development of psychology and the solution of psychological issues. Two departments have been created in order to achieve these purposes. They are the “Investigation and Research Department” and the “Counseling and Research Department (Clinical Psychology Center).” The “Investigation and Research Department” holds public seminars for the local community and promotes planning for research projects. The “Counseling and Research Department (Clinical Psychology Center)” provides support in relation to psychology, education, and mental or physical disabilities, etc. In addition, the Center conducts clinical training for students of the Faculty of Psychology and graduate students of the Graduate School of Psychology.