Major of International Studies

(Master's and Doctoral Program)

From Yokohama, a commitment to tackling various issues facing the world

Yokohama is a port city that Japan opened to the world at the end of the Edo period, and is associated with Meiji Gakuin University’s founder, Dr. James Curtis Hepburn. The Meiji Gakuin spirit is one of pursuing truth beyond borders, thinking for the good of all, and being of service to the world, making the Yokohama campus a fitting location for the 1990 establishment of the Graduate School of International Studies to carry on that intention. Humanity is currently facing a variety of global and local challenges, and an adequate response will require new researcher and practitioner networks and intellectual frameworks that transcend traditional academic disciplines. The Graduate School of International Studies strives to become a school that can respond to the aspirations of those who will boldly tackle such intellectual challenges. The organization of the Graduate School of International Studies curriculum is not bound by conventional academic systems, with Master’s program coursework comprising three pillars: Japan and Asian studies, peace studies, and global social studies. Our students pursue research in their major field under the guidance of the faculty member who serves as their primary thesis advisor, but they can also take courses in other fields of study or seek advice from other faculty members according to their awareness of issues. The Graduate School of International Studies offers special entrance examinations for students who have already entered the workforce and for international students. These are intended to open the Graduate School’s doors wider to accommodate people with diverse experiences, allowing us to study together in open-minded pursuit of truth.

Admission Policy