Major of International Studies original site: Grapple with the problems facing the world from Yokohama

Meiji Gakuin’s undergraduate Faculty of International Studies, the cornerstone of the Graduate School of International Studies, was established in Yokohama in 1986. This port was opened as Japan turned towards the world at the end of the Edo period, and is also closely associated with James Hepburn, Meiji Gakuin’s founder. The Meiji Gakuin spirit is to search out truths that transcend borders, to seek to be of use to the world rather than seeking individual profit. The Graduate School of International Studies, an appropriate extension of this spirit, was established in the Yokohama campus, and is welcoming its 24th year of existence this year. Today, humanity is facing a range of global problems. People in other countries are dealing with even those problems that seem most familiar to us. New networks of researchers and practitioners and new intellectual frameworks that cross or reorganize the traditional boundaries of academic fields are needed, and the quest to realize these goals is continuing in the realm of higher education throughout the world. The Graduate School of International Studies works continuously to offer a graduate school able to respond to the aspirations of young people seeking to boldly take up these intellectual challenges.

The organization of our curriculum is not bound by conventional academic structures, and the coursework in our Master’s program is organized around three main pillars: Japan and Asia Studies, Peace Studies, and International Community Studies. Our graduate students are able to conduct extensive research in their major while receiving focused individual guidance from the professors supervising their Master’s theses. Depending on the nature of the issue they are studying, they might take subjects from another area, or seek out advice from other educators in specified office hours. They also have the possibility of overseas internships with NGOs, NPOs and other organizations or foreign exchange study. We have also established a system enabling non-students to sit our entrance examination. This system throws open the doors of our graduate school to non-students seeking to conduct specialized research based on their experience as members of society and professionals and to pursue lifelong learning. The Graduate School of International Studies is waiting for you who wish to become members of the Yokohama community and pursue learning with an open heart.