Major of Law

(Doctoral Program)

Program to develop higher capacities to pursue academic and/or professional careers

Graduates of the Graduate Program in Law excel in a variety of fields, including academic research, civil service (law, politics, and administration), and the legal profession, and are highly regarded both in Japan and overseas. For instance, two graduates of our doctoral program recently attained full teaching positions in the faculties of law at Nanzan University and Aichi University. This is a source of great pride for our faculty, who are committed to continue educating the highest caliber of professionals. The program's curriculum spans both traditional and cutting-edge fields of law and political science. Our outstanding faculty has skills and experience to teach courses on issues faced in a contemporary society, including those of environment, consumer protection, globalization and information-oriented society. In the fields of political science and public administration, while class titles may sound traditional, their contents are innovative and reflect the expertise of each faculty member. An additional characteristic of the program is its emphasis on international exchange activities. We proactively invite scholars from other regions such as Asia, Europe, and the United States to deliver lectures and seminars on diverse topics. They also participate in workshops, which provide students in programs with valuable opportunities without leaving campus to be engaged in dialogue with scholars renowned nationally and internationally. We also maintain friendship relationships with numerous universities in Asia, Europe, and the United States, which would be very beneficial for students planning research activities abroad. We look forward to your joining into our program and sharing the highlights of our field.

Admission Policy


Scholarship Program

The Graduate Program in Law provides up to five doctoral students with 3-year scholarships of 300,000 yen per year to support their research activities.

Publication of student’ articles in the Law Journal

The Law Journal, a publication of the Graduate School of Law, may publish outstanding academic papers by students admitted with our reliable peer-review process.