Major of Law

(Doctoral Program)

Program to develop higher capacities to pursue academic and/or professional careers

Graduates of the Graduate School of Law are active in many fields, including university researchers, public officials (practitioners of law, politics, and administration), and professionals, and are highly regarded both in Japan and abroad. We are very proud of this and determined to continue nurturing human resources who will maintain that social reputation. (Recently, we have sent two doctoral degree holders as full-time faculty members in the Faculties of Law at Nanzan University and Aichi University.) The Graduate School of Law curriculum covers both traditional and cutting-edge areas of jurisprudence and political science. We are also proud of our excellent staff, which can fully provide education and research guidance on issues facing modern society, including environmental problems, consumerism, informatization, and internationalization. As in the field of law, the names of our courses in fields related to political science and public administration are orthodox, but the content of our research and instruction is highly innovative, reflecting the individuality of each staff member. One of the distinctive characteristics of the Graduate School of Law is our international exchange. We actively invite researchers from Asia, Europe, and the United States, and we host a wide variety of lectures, workshops, and seminars, allowing students in the Graduate School of Law to exchange opinions and interact with prominent domestic and international researchers while remaining in Japan. We also have friendly relations with many universities in Asia, Europe, and the United States, which is highly beneficial for students planning to conduct research abroad. We hope that many students will come to study at our graduate school and enjoy the pleasure of learning together.

Admission Policy


Scholarship Program

The Graduate Program in Law provides up to five doctoral students with 3-year scholarships of 300,000 yen per year to support their research activities.

Publication of student’ articles in the Law Journal

The Law Journal, a publication of the Graduate School of Law, may publish outstanding academic papers by students admitted with our reliable peer-review process.