From researchers to working professionals, cultivating high-level abilities that will enable the student to excel in the real world

Graduates of Meiji Gakuin’s Graduate School of Law excel in a multitude of positions, including as university researchers, civil servants (conducting legal, political or administrative duties) and working professionals, and are highly regarded both in Japan and overseas. This fact is a source of pride and pleasure to our teaching staff, who are determined to cultivate graduates able to measure up to the highest standards. (In the past two years, two graduates of the Doctor’s course have become full-time teachers in the Faculties of Law of Toyo University and Aichi University). The curriculum of the Graduate School of Law encompasses fields ranging from traditional Legal Studies and Political Science to highly advanced fields. We are proud of our outstanding staff, who make it possible for students to receive a full education and detailed research advice in relation to the study of the issues facing contemporary society, including environmental problems, consumer lifestyles, informatization and internationalization. As in the case of our Legal Studies course, the designations of subjects in our Political Science and Administrative Science courses may be orthodox, but the details of the research guidance provided are novel in ways that reflect the individuality of our educational staff. In addition, it is a significant feature of this major that we enable students to engage in international exchanges. We actively invite researchers from Asia, Europe and the U.S., and hold a diverse range of lecture meetings, research presentations and seminars, enabling students of the Graduate School of Law to exchange opinions with prominent scholars from Japan and overseas while remaining right where they are. We also maintain close and friendly relationships with numerous universities in Asia, Europe and the U.S. This is a great advantage for students planning to conduct research overseas. We hope that we will be able to welcome an even greater number of students to the Graduate School of Law, where we can savor the thrill of learning together.


Research Subsidy System

We have established a system under which a maximum of five academically outstanding students can receive a research subsidy of 300,000 yen per year for three years.

Introduction of peer review system for academic journal “Legal Studies Journal”

We are introducing a peer review system for Legal Studies Journal, the academic journal of the Graduate School of Law. We will establish a method of peer review that suits the circumstances of our school, and publish papers of outstanding merit following rigorous review.