Program Fees / Costs

*Students from non-partner universities: 340,000yen per semester

MG Okusawa House for Shirokane-ISP students
50,000yen per month (no meal plan available)

Meiji Gakuin International Student House (MISH) for Yokohama-ISP students
60,000yen per month(including mandatory meal plan)
Deposit 25,000yen(a one off payment to be returned upon checkout in cash, minus any fees needed for repair/cleaning above those considered normal "wear and tear")
The rent is inclusive of all utility costs(electricity, gas, water, internet)
For Yokohama-ISP students only,mandatory meal plan(breakfast and dinner on week days and Saturdays) is included.
Rent payment for the entire semester must be settled in a lump sum by the designated deadline. MGU is not able to accept payment of rent on a monthly basis unless otherwise noted in the exchange agreement.


Participants to the International Student Program must join the Japanese National Health Insurance Scheme, which automatically covers 70% of most medical/dental expenses incurred in Japan. The premium depends on an individual's income and place of residence, but the figure for students living in Tokyo is normally set around 14,400 yen per year. Arrangements for National Health Insurance, along with the mandatory “Resident Registration”, will be made shortly after arrival as part of overall orientations.

Estimated Personal Expenses

Participants to the International Student Program are strongly urged to bring adequate funds to support themselves for the duration of their stay in Japan. Though personal expenses naturally vary depending on one’s lifestyle, the following is a rough breakdown of minimum expenses. The expenses quoted below assume a relatively frugal lifestyle.

Food 30,000yen per month
Allowance 20,000yen per month
Local Transportation 6,000yen per month