Oct 5 2021

Regarding fall semester classes from October 18 (Mon)

All registered students and their guardians

As per our announcement “Re: Fall semester 2021 classes” posted on September 7, we have been recommending that classes at Meiji Gakuin University be taught via distance learning until October 16 (Sat). This was intended to provide a two-week observation period starting from administration of the second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine through the University’s vaccination program, which occurred on October 3 (Sun).

Meanwhile, numbers of new COVID-19 infections have been gradually decreasing, and the state of emergency was lifted on September 30. Considering these factors, we will adhere to our original schedule of returning to face-to-face classes for courses that have been allocated classrooms from October 18 (Mon). As before, we will be taking the utmost care with regards to anti-infection measures to ensure that our students can return to campus and attend classes with peace of mind. As part of that, we ask everyone to please use non-woven masks while on campus. See Port Hepburn for details.

A university is not simply a place for passing on knowledge, and a university campus is a place for engaging in classes and extracurricular activities and for encountering various new things. While cooperating with each other with regards to infection control measures, we hope to work with our registered students to restore University functions to their normal state as quickly as possible.

Note that class formats may change again according to the state of COVID-19 infections, so we ask that you continue to watch for University announcements.

Leo Murata, President
Meiji Gakuin University
Oct 4 2021