Aug 18 2021

The schedule for COVID-19 vaccinations has been determined for students, faculty, and staff wishing to participate in the Workplace Vaccination Program

The schedule for COVID-19 vaccinations for Meiji Gakuin University students, faculty, and staff has been determined as follows:

First doses: From Sep 4 (Sat) through Sep 5 (Sun)
Second doses: From Oct 2 (Sat) through Oct 3 (Sun)

Location: Palette Zone Shirokane, Shirokane Campus
Note: The vaccination schedule may change due to delays in delivery of the vaccine, etc. We will notify you in such an event. Since the second doses will be the fall semester class period, all classes will be canceled from Oct 2(Sat)to Oct 4(Mon). Please check Port Hepburn for details.

Students should refer to Port Hepburn, and faculty should check their email, regarding details of the vaccination and the reservation website. Note that the reservation website will be available from 10:00 AM on August 25 (Wed) until 12:00 PM on September 1 (Wed).

Regardless of your response to the previous questionnaire, you can make a reservation if you wish to be vaccinated.
Please do not make a reservation if you answered you want to be vaccinated in the questionnaire, but have already been vaccinated. It is also not necessary to contact the university.

Students who indicated on our preferences survey that they wish to receive vaccinations at the University can still utilize local government and other large-scale vaccination programs, without waiting for the University Workplace Vaccination Program. When doing so, there is no need to notify us.

See here for previous notifications related to vaccinations.