Social Media

This document provides an introduction to social media managed and operated by the General Planning and Development Office, Public Relations Department, and the guidelines on the use of social media by Faculty, staff and students, etc.

List of Accounts


Social media presents a visual representation of Meiji Gakuin University as it is now, from a variety of viewpoints, through posted images of classes and extracurricular activities as well as popular options at student cafeterias and so on. Images of lively student activities, seasonal photos of beauty, and others are must-see items.

  • mguniv
  • URL:

  • Twitter

    Information on events in which students can participate, how to use university facilities, and student and alumni activities are posted nearly daily. Requests to post information on events and to distribute information from students are accepted.

  • @MeijiGakuinUniv
  • URL:

  • Facebook

    As for using Twitter, the appeals of Meiji Gakuin University are distributed by providing information such as events and student and alumni activities, as well as general interest.

  • MeijiGakuinUniversity
  • URL:

  • Youtube

    University information is posted in various categories such as “Why Meiji Gakuin University?” the official movie of the university, as well as information on volunteer opportunities and admissions.

  • meijigakuin
  • URL: