Overview of
the University

This page contains links to information on the academic year schedule (academic calendar), campus timetable, lecture outlines (syllabuses), university fees, etc.

Academic Year Schedule (Academic Calendar)

This year-long schedule includes classes and tests, ceremonies and school festivals, Christmas events, etc.

Campus Timetable

Listings of class hours for the undergraduate faculties and the graduate school.

Lecture Outlines (Syllabuses)

Here you can view outlines of class and lecture plans for each academic subject.

Student Enrollments

Student enrollment numbers for the undergraduate faculties, the graduate school, and the graduate law school.

Foundation Board Members and Faculty (Meiji Gakuin Foundation)

A listing of the board members of the Meiji Gakuin Foundation and of the number of faculty members.

Financial Information (Meiji Gakuin Foundation)

Business plans, business reports, and balance sheets of the Meiji Gakuin Foundation.

Publicly Available Information

Key data on Meiji Gakuin University (business plans, financial information, numbers of students and faculty, etc.) is publically disclosed here.

University Fees (Admission Fees and Tuition), Etc.

Amounts and breakdowns of university fees, payment methods, and information on education loans.


Information on using the Meiji Gakuin University library, holdings and information retrieval, collections, etc.

Campus Guide

Meiji Gakuin University has two campuses: the Yokohama campus, with spacious and verdant grounds, and the Shirokane campus, graced with historic buildings.


Information on accessing the Shirokane campus and Yokohama campus, and on travelling between the campuses.