Founding Principles and

Meiji Gakuin University has its origins in the “Hepburn School” English school founded by Dr. James Hepburn in 1863. Hepburn always strove to contribute to the society in which he lived, and that philosophy persists at Meiji Gakuin University to this very day.

President's Office

Messages from the President, Vice-President, and Director, President's Office

University History

Meiji Gakuin University’s history from 1863 to the present

Founding Spirit and Educational Philosophy

Christian-based moral education and “Do for Others”

Historical Buildings

The Shirokane Campus is home to such historical buildings as Imbrie House, Meiji Gakuin Memorial Hall, and the Meiji Gakuin Chapel. In 2009, a pipe organ built by reproducing seventeenth and eighteenth century techniques was installed in the chapel.

Meiji Gakuin Archives of History

A vast collection of documents related to the more than 150-year history of Meiji Gakuin University is organized and stored at the Archives, where it is made available to the public. (in Japanese)

Christian Activities at Meiji Gakuin University

Meiji Gakuin University hosts a “Chapel Hour” worship service during the daily lunch recess on both of its campuses, in which anyone is free to participate. The University also offers opportunities for students to understand Christianity more deeply through lectures, concerts, Bible study groups, study tours, volunteer programs, and other activities.

University Song

The lyrics of the University Song were written by Meiji era literary master Toson Shimazaki, a member of the University’s first graduating class.

Logo Mark of Meiji Gakuin University

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