Christianity × Meiji Gakuin students

From daily services to Christmas events, concerts and choir. A showcase of clubs that support our Christian activities with unique student initiatives. Please contact the Center for Christian Activities if you are interested in any of the organizations.

MCM Hitsuji Club

MCM stands for Meigaku Chapel’s Members. Serving as a ‘bridge between students and the chapel’, the club strives to enable all students to experience the benefits of a Christian school.
The club provides support for various events, including Chapel Hour held at weekday lunchtimes, Chri-kou Kai gatherings in spring and summer, as well as planning and running the Christmas Service (candlelight service).

MCM Christmas Mass Committee

Every year around May, the Christmas Service Committee, an MCM group, begins preparations for the Christmas Service (candlelight service) held in December. Monthly meetings are held in collaboration with other student groups, each of which fulfills their role on the day. For members, helping to provide wonderful services especially for Meiji Gakuin students is a way to recognize the importance of Christmas.

Hepburn Bible Study Group

A student group for studying the Bible and combined prayer, consisting of Christians and those with an interest in Christianity.
Participants can enjoy activities with a relaxed atmosphere, including prayer sessions (Monday, Wednesday, Friday lunchtimes), Bible study (Shirokane campus: Wednesday 3rd period, Yokohama campus: Wednesday 4th period), and camps during holidays.



Glee Club

With a 70-year history, the Glee Club is Meiji Gakuin University’s only mixed chorus club.
Practice is held three times a week to prepare for regular performances at numerous events, including entrance and graduation ceremonies, Chapel Hour and Christmas Service.
In November 2018, the club will perform the Christmas Oratorio at a concert to commemorate the 70th anniversary of its founding.