Understanding Christianity

Christian-Based Education at Meiji Gakuin University

Since its founding, Meiji Gakuin University has continued to offer character education through Christianity, under the philosophy of “Do for Others”. Meiji Gakuin University’s Christian principles are aimed at facing up to the sufferings of society, working with people in various situations to achieve universal human ideals such as fairness, peace and harmony. Coming together as a diverse group of ‘others’ reveals the truly irreplaceable value of individual experiences previously unshared. Deep empathy for others, mutual respect for experiences and individuality – these are the cornerstones of mankind’s universal ideals.

Opening ourselves to ‘others’. In doing so, we cultivate the real ability to solve problems without relying on instructions. At Meiji Gakuin University, this ability becomes more certain through classes, volunteering, extracurricular activities, studying abroad, and connecting with many instructors and friends. Our university also conducts various forms of worship, with the hope of instilling in students the ability to self-reflect and renew efforts when facing setbacks or obstacles.

Meiji Gakuin was built on a foundation of devoted prayer and effort by Dr. Hepburn and numerous other missionaries who came to Japan in the late-Edo and Meiji periods. These missionaries placed great importance on nurturing students who could go out to serve the world and mankind by listening to the voices of people suffering hardship and pain, connecting deeply with those of different countries and cultures.

Our founders sought to bequeath more than mere knowledge – a love essential to human life, capable of deep self-affirmation and acceptance, with the capacity to assist neighbors in need. Love can be found by truly acknowledging weakness and restoring humanity.

Meiji Gakuin has maintained this tradition since our founding, nurturing openness and respect for others in each individual student. This is the Christian-based education of Meiji Gakuin University.

The Teachings of Christianity

‘Foundations of Christianity’ is a compulsory subject that forms the basis of our university’s education centered around Christianity. Gain knowledge of Christianity essential to understanding our world and discover its relevance to specialized fields. Students can further deepen their learning through subjects such as ‘Christian Studies (Electives)’, ‘History of Religion’ and ‘Christianity in Contemporary Society’.

「Read about ‘Foundations of Christianity’’here(Japanese)

Studying Christianity

Meiji Gakuin University established and operates the Institute for Christian Studies as a facility for researching various aspects of Christianity and Christian culture. The Institute seeks to contribute to the development of Christian education and Christian studies in Japan, as well as Meiji Gakuin University’s founding spirit of character education through Christianity.

Institute for Christian Studies website(Japanese)