Christian-Based Education at Meiji Gakuin University

Meiji Gakuin University carries on the legacy of Christian-based moral education as its founding principle while taking the precept “Do for Others” as its educational philosophy.

The basic functions of a university are “academic research” (study) and “teaching the findings of academic research” (education). This is naturally quite different from a religious organization which takes as its goal the salvation of human souls.

Although it is a private university with a unique founding spirit, Meiji Gakuin University is also an official research and educational institution based on the School Education Act, and as such, faculty meetings are held by each of its departments and the Center for Liberal Arts in order to improve research findings and maintain an excellent faculty with scholarly expertise in the disciplines of literature, economics, sociology, law, international studies, psychology, and liberal arts. As part of its unique research environment, the University guarantees its researchers one year of special research leave every seven years (sabbatical) as the “sabbath year” prescribed in the Old Testament.

Economic globalization and the growth of information have led to enthusiastic debate on education in recent years. Universities must aim at global standards and fulfill their obligation to publish research findings and educational results. It is also a reality that universities, as they develop scientifically, technologically, and organizationally, must also establish graduate and professional schools that teach advanced levels of expertise.

Nonetheless, no matter how advanced and specialized its scholarship, a university is also a place where research findings are passed on from one person, the faculty member, to another, the student, and both are individuals with personality and character. Knowledge cannot be transmitted successfully unless education is founded on human relationships of mutual respect between those individuals. That is why Meiji Gakuin University’s educational philosophy, “Do for Others,” is so significant, and it is the solid foundation (founding spirit) of Christian-based moral education that safeguards this educational philosophy.

In addition to the regular curricula offered by each department and the Center for Liberal Arts, the University also emphasizes volunteer activities, international exchange, and career counseling in order to aid the personal growth of its students, and all members of the faculty work to promote Christian-based moral education.