Study specialized fields in an up-to-the-minute program responsive to the status of the global economy

The Major of Business Administration seeks to cultivate researchers who will support the advancement of learning and leaders in the world of business, and offers teaching staff familiar with, and a diverse curriculum that ranges widely across, the entire field of business administration. The academic study of the subject is also developing by leaps and bounds today, and it is essential to seek out the latest findings based on previous research. In addition to providing students with a solid academic foundation in theory related to management, marketing, accounting, finance, and related fields, the Major of Business Administration’s diverse curriculum offers students a broad perspective, enabling them to grapple with up-to-the-minute topics and develop abundant creativity and a sophisticated ability for academic investigation. We also have an interchangeable credit system and hold joint research presentations with other graduate schools, providing a rich research experience for our students. In addition, above all our doctor’s course provides a well-rounded curriculum and a research environment enabling our students to aim towards becoming future researchers. Our focused research guidance has already produced numerous university educators who are flourishing in Japan’s world of business administration studies. We are waiting for motivated students seeking to push the boundaries of theory and practice.


Small classes

The Major of Business Administration at the Meiji Gakuin University Graduate School of Economics is specially designed for doctoral study. We aim to conduct education and research with small class sizes. Many classes are conducted in a discussion style, rather than a one-way lecture style. As a result, the distance between students and faculty members is small, and students feel comfortable consulting faculty members as soon as a question arises, so as to deepen their understanding as they conduct their research.

Acceptance of research students

We accept students who wish to conduct research of topics that have been identified in business administration, under the guidance of Meiji Gakuin University faculty members as research students. It is even possible for exchange students to conduct research as foreign loan research students in order to research business administration topics in the globalized modern world. There are some research students that have been recognized as having the same or greater academic ability than enrolled students in the same major.