Major of Business Administration

(Doctoral Program)

A cutting-edge program that responds to the realities of the global economy

The Graduate Program in Business Administration offers a robust curriculum and research environment for those aspiring to become scholars in the field. Our diverse curriculum and faculty cover all aspects of business administration, enabling us to foster both academics who lead the domestic and international study of the subject and business leaders at the forefront of their industries. The field of business administration is rapidly advancing, necessitating both a familiarity with previous research and a wide awareness of the latest findings. The diverse curriculum enables students to approach their studies with a broad perspective, gaining a strong grasp of the fundamentals of business administration, marketing, accounting, and finance theory and related topics while also grappling with current issues and developing their creativity and thirst for knowledge. Past graduates of this thorough research program are employed as university professors or are active in Japan's business world. Students in the doctoral program complete three years of studies under the guidance of their academic advisor, including enrolling in their advisor's lecture and seminar classes (a total of eight credits), before submitting a doctoral dissertation. Acceptance and successful oral defense of the dissertation is a condition for attaining a doctoral degree. The careful guidance that students receive in both carrying out research and writing their dissertation is a distinctive feature of the department. We welcome applicants with a strong desire to expand the frontiers of the field of business administration through academic and practical research.

Admission Policy


Small class size

Meiji Gakuin University's Graduate Program in Business Administration is specially designed for doctoral study. Both classroom education and individual research take place in small-group settings, and many classes prioritize discussion over one-way lectures. As a result, students develop close relationships with their instructors and feel comfortable engaging in debate when questions arise, thereby deepening their understanding of the topics being studied.

Scholarships and Grants

To support student research, the Graduate School of Economics offers scholarships of either 100,000 or 200,000 yen to partially fund overseas research or presentations by enrolled students. Grants of up to 50,000 yen are also available to support travel costs associated with attending academic conferences within Japan.

Acceptance of visiting research students

Individuals wishing to receive research guidance from faculty in the program on topics related to business administration may enroll as research students. Study abroad students wishing to research topics related to the management of today's globalized businesses may also enroll as foreign contract research students. Research students are expected to have academic abilities equal to or greater than those of regular students in the graduate program.