Study specialized fields in an up-to-the-minute program responsive to the status of the global economy

The twin goals of the Major of Economics are to cultivate the requisite research abilities for our students to conduct independent research activities in the future (fostering of researchers), and to cultivate highly specialized professionals possessing the knowledge required to fill highly specialized positions. In order to realize these goals, we have adopted initiatives including diversifying our range of subjects, offering entrance tests to non-students, and offering some subjects at night. We revise our curriculum in response to changes in the status of the economy, and we are focusing attention on the study of the information economy and the public economy in response to contemporary digitalization and changes in the state of society. Our students are also able to attend lectures at eight other graduate schools. Classes are organized around both lectures and exercises and the relationship between students and teachers is close, providing the ideal environment for the study of advanced economic theory. Recently, economies around the world, including Japan’s, have faced a diverse range of problems, from business conditions to public finances and the financial system. We cultivate the ability to clarify these issues and consider responses by means of elements including theory, system, history, and substantive analysis. Our goal is to foster in students the ability to analyze the actual status of the economy and produce papers rich in implication. We seek not merely to offer our students knowledge, but to cultivate their ability to identify problems and to solve problems. The Major of Economics offers both specialization and diversity, and in addition to producing researchers and educators possessing considerable insight and problem-solving ability, we also work to help interested parties advance their careers and to contribute to lifelong learning.


About the Fast-track Entrance System

The Fast-track Entrance System enables students who have studied for three years in the Meiji Gakuin Faculty of Economics and achieved outstanding results to graduate from university and enter graduate school. Students to whom this system applies are able to enter graduate school on the basis of an oral examination (i.e. an interview) alone. The use of the system enables students to complete their undergraduate years and Master’s thesis in a minimum of five years.

The following four conditions must all be satisfied in order to use the system.

  1. The student has a good prospect of achieving a GPA of 2.8 or more across all subjects up to the completion of third year.
  2. The student has a good prospect of achieving a GPA of 2.9 or more in their specialized subjects up to the completion of third year.
  3. The student will receive sufficient credits for graduation by the completion of third year.
  4. As a rule, the student is enrolled in Class A.