General Support Office(Health Support / Student Consultations / Student Support)

General Support Office is an organization that oversees the three centers discussed below. Previously, the name “Student Support Center” encompassed the Health Support Center, the Student Counseling Center, and the Student Lifestyle Support Center (established in 2010), and was familiarly known to students as the “Gaku Sapo.” More recently, the organization has been changed in order to enable us to focus more on specialization and provide more effective and wide-ranging student support, resulting in changes in the names of the centers, as shown below. No matter which center students visit or what their problem is, specialists in various fields will comprehensively work together to provide support. Please feel free to visit if you are experiencing any problems in your student life, and we will do our best to help you have a better university experience.

Organizational chart


Students experiencing academic problems or problems in their personal lives can visit the centers below to receive comprehensive, integrated support.

[Health Support Division]

Health Support Center

(Doctors / Nurses)

[Psychological Counseling Division]

Student Counseling Center

(Clinical psychologists)

[Academic Support Division]

Student Support Center


Health Support Center

At this center, doctors and nurses are available to consult with students concerning a range of issues related to physical and psychological health. They are able to provide support to enable students to maintain and increase their general health.

Student Counseling Center

At this center, students can consult with clinical psychologists about anything that is worrying them, including their relationships, personality, studies, academic direction, and psychological health. The center does not only provide counseling, but as necessary also offers support in cooperation with other faculties and schools, related departments, and external specialist organizations.

Student Support Center

Based on the concept of “reasonable accommodation” of problems, this center offers students essential support for their classes and their university life in cooperation with other faculties and schools, related departments, and external specialist organizations. Any student experiencing difficulties and feeling the need for support in their studies may freely visit the center.