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Volunteer is the work that people do to live in this world with others, listening to the smallest and weakest voices and not relying on a larger force. The spirit of volunteerism is present in all professions, in research and study, and in everyday life. Our educational philosophy is to develop the character of students so that they can think about "Do for Others" in various aspects of social life.In order to embody this educational philosophy, we provides places for all parties, both inside and outside the university, to think about, practice, and exchange ideas about "Do for Others". By doing so, we aim to change ourselves and change society in a way that is easier for everyone to live, as each individual encounters, faces, and thinks together about social issues.

Volunteering fosters the spirit of “Do for Others"

Meiji Gakuin University Educational Cooperative Volunteer Certificate Program In Japanese

This original program by Meiji Gakuin University, which aims to integrate practical volunteering with the regular curriculum, was launched in the 2016 academic year. To receive a certificate, students acquire credits in designated subjects, perform at least 135 hours of volunteer activities, and take an integrated course linking theory with practice.

1Day for Others In Japanese

This program is hosted by the Volunteer Center. Students visit the project sites of organizations such as community and social enterprises, nonprofits (NPOs), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) located near the University’s campuses, where they experience being an “intern for a day” or a “volunteer for a day.”

“Volunteering by Purchasing Merchandise”

For every article of “MG Goods” (original Meiji Gakuin merchandise) purchased, the University puts 10% of the pre-tax price toward the Meiji Gakuin University Volunteer Fund.
The Meiji Gakuin University Volunteer Fund is used to support activities* planned by the Volunteer Center to further the University’s educational philosophy, “Do for Others”. Volunteerism is supported by individual actions.

* Volunteer Fund Student Challenge subsidies, travel costs of student volunteers, and more

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