Volunteer Activities

Meiji Gakuin University offers a wide range of volunteer programs in Japan and abroad led by its Volunteer Center, the first to be established by a Japanese university. At the same time, the University is working to integrate academic learning with practical volunteering within its regular curriculum. Many student groups also engage enthusiastically in volunteer activities. Through social action, the University fosters students who will embody the University’s educational philosophy of "Do for Others" further their understanding and practice of that philosophy, and serve as agents of an inclusive society.

Volunteering fosters the spirit of “Do for Others"

Meiji Gakuin University Educational Cooperative Volunteer Certificate Program In Japanese

This original program by Meiji Gakuin University, which aims to integrate practical volunteering with the regular curriculum, was launched in the 2016 academic year. Students acquire credits in designated subjects, perform at least 135 hours of volunteer activities, and take an integrated course linking theory with practice to receive a certificate.



Volunteer Partnership between Meiji Gakuin University and the Japanese Red Cross Society In Japanese

Both Meiji Gakuin University and the Japanese Red Cross Society (JRCS) celebrated their 150th anniversaries in 2013. To mark this occasion, the two organizations forged a partnership aimed at carrying on and spreading the spirit of volunteerism into the future. Members of “MG Red Cross,” a student group that takes part in JRCS activities, host first-aid classes, blood drives, and fundraisers. In addition, the two organizations have begun educational collaboration as well, with the University offering a course jointly hosted by the JRCS and the Department of Business Administration in the Faculty of Economics.

1 Day for Others In Japanese

This program is hosted by the Volunteer Center. Focusing on the greater Tokyo area, students visit the project sites of organizations such as community and social enterprises, nonprofits (NPOs), and non-governmental organizations (NGOs) located near the University’s campuses, where they experience being an “intern for a day” or a “volunteer for a day.”



”Do for Smile @ East Japan” Project In Japanese

This reconstruction assistance project was launched immediately after the Great East Japan Earthquake March 11, 2011. Activities remain ongoing in Otsuchi Town and Rikuzentakata City in Iwate Prefecture. Volunteers tackle a varied agenda, including activities to share the progress of local reconstruction efforts as well as local history and culture, planning recreational activities for children, providing learning support for junior high school students, and study tours. The project is community based and places emphasis on the connections between people.

Volunteering Overseas In Japanese

Meiji Gakuin’s volunteer activities are expanding all over the world. The University dispatches students to the UN’s “Youth Volunteers” internship program, where they engage in social action at international organizations in developing countries, while the Volunteer Center hosts overseas study tours and volunteer workshops.



Club Activities In Japanese

Many student groups are involved in volunteer activities. “JUNKO Association” is an international NGO working to support education in Vietnam and Myanmar, “Habitat MGU” carries out volunteer construction projects overseas, and “Pocket” provides educational support to Cambodian children.

“Volunteering by Purchasing Merchandise”

For every article of “MG Goods” (original Meiji Gakuin merchandise) purchased, the University puts 10% (5% for some items) of the pre-tax price toward the Meiji Gakuin University Volunteer Fund.
The Meiji Gakuin University Volunteer Fund is used to support activities* planned by the Volunteer Center to further the University’s educational philosophy, “Do for Others”. Volunteerism is supported by individual actions.

* Volunteer Fund Student Challenge subsidies, travel costs of student volunteers, and more