Student Support Center

What is the Student Support Center (SSC)?

The Student Support Center (SSC) has been established by the University to support students with special needs due to disabilities, sicknesses, and injuries. Our goal is to ensure equal access to all academic programs and various educational opportunities and to encourage individual growth and achievement. We address this goal through the provision of academic accommodation and a wide variety of support services by the collaboration with Faculties and Departments, related offices on campus, and off-campus organizations.

Please contact us for further information or support.

How to request accommodation?

To request accommodation in classes and examinations, you need to follow these steps:

1. Contact to SSC and complete the Intake/Advising Appointment with a SSC coordinator.

2. Submit necessary documents to SSC

  • Additional Support Services Registration Form
  • Documentation verifying your disability, disease, or injury
  • Consent for Treatment of Personal Information

3. Participate in a meeting with a chair of Faculties and Departments.

In this meeting, your difficulties and requests will be received. Through the discussion, you and the Faculties and Departments chair will reach an agreement on your accommodation. Based on the agreement, SSC will issue an accommodation letter to present each of your professors. You will be provided with necessary support in accordance with this letter.

4. Discuss with each professor on your particular accommodation

If necessary, you will need to talk with your professors for a more detailed agreement on your accommodation in an individual class. The letter explained above mentions only a brief description of your situation and requests. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to talk with your professors to facilitate the accommodation process move forward. What accommodation or adjustments you will receive? How it will proceed and what is the requirement to pass the class?

These steps are required every semester.