May 19 2020

Regarding emergency grants and scholarships associated with spread of the novel coronavirus

Dear registered students and their families,

We have established details regarding two points related to our announcement “An important announcement on the response of Meiji Gakuin University to the novel coronavirus” (posted on our website on April 21, 2020), as follows:

1.Payment method for the \50,000 special disbursement for online learning readiness
We have determined the method by which we will allocate the promised special disbursement intended to lessen the burden associated with preparing for online learning. These details will be presented on the “News” page of Port Hepburn (our portal site for registered students), so please be sure to confirm the required procedures and to complete them before the deadline. (Note: These details are being presented on Port Hepburn, not our main website, because receipt of payment requires personal identification. We thank you for your understanding.)

2.Regarding establishment of a new scholarship for those affected by the novel coronavirus
We have established a new university-sponsored scholarship for students who have experienced financial adversity (loss of employment, extreme loss of income, etc.) due to the novel coronavirus, hindering continuance of their studies. The amount of this scholarship is \400,000. Considering the possibility that effects of the coronavirus may extend to autumn and beyond, application periods for this scholarship will be in two sections, as follows:

Section 1 Application periods
1) June 1–30 (payment received in late July)
2) July 10–31 (payment received in late August)
3) August 10–31 (payment received in late September)

Section 2 Application periods
1) November 10–30 (payment received in late December)
2) December 10–31 (payment received in late January)
3) January 11–31 (payment received in late February)

Applications can be submitted during one application period in each of Sections 1 and 2. Those receiving this scholarship during Section 1 can reapply for another scholarship in Section 2. Note that because this is an economic assistance scholarship aimed at those experiencing a short-term financial emergency, students who do not qualify for the Meiji Gakuin University Hepburn Scholarship may qualify for this scholarship; please see the application (in Japanese) requirements for details.