Charles Browne 教授

Charles Browne 教授

Charles Browne

— 英語教育学

Thanks for checking out the Meiji Gakuin Department of Literature’s teacher education section. Teaching is one of the most rewarding professions you can choose. You get the chance to help and inspire countless students and their families on a daily basis, a chance to continue studying interesting things throughout your life and to make real contributions to society. Unlike other literature departments which offer few classes in teacher education, here at Meiji Gakuin we have a wide range of courses including the 2 required Eigokakyoiku courses, 4 dedicated junior and senior seminar courses in English education, courses in teaching methodology, in language acquisition theory, and even in technology and language learning. We hold teacher recertification seminars in the summer, and in the fall we have a special teacher education event to invite back English teachers who graduated from our department (there are many!).

Dr. Browne was born in Boston in the United States, but has lived and worked in Japan since he graduated college in 1985. He is Professor of Applied Linguistics & TESOL and a specialist in Vocabulary and Reading research, especially as they apply to online learning. He also has more than 25 years experience working as a teacher trainer, starting with his role as the first National Chairman of the JET Program in 1987, serving on many different national MEXT committees such as the teacher educational advisory committee and the English textbook committee, and has done hundreds of teacher training workshops for thousands of Japanese teachers of English through his active help of local Board’s of Education throughout the country. He has written dozens of research articles, books, and textbooks about these topics. In addition to his recent work in creating two important new corpus-based word lists for second language learners known as the New General Service List (NGSL) and the New Academic Word List (NAWL), he has also helped to create a wide variety of free research-based language learning and analysis software and websites, and works hard to share this knowledge with teachers and researchers through countless presentations, seminars and hand-on workshops around the world. He is married and with 3 wonderful children, and enjoys spending his free time participating in long distance running races and in traveling to new countries.