Why Meiji Gakuin University?

Meiji Gakuin University traces its origins to the Hepburn School, which was established in the closing days of the Edo era. Over its history of more than 150 years, Meiji Gakuin University has supported the globalization of Japan by playing a pioneering role in education. The four years you spend as a college undergraduate will be the most special time in your life. What awaits you after your experiences among the 6 faculties and 16 departments of the university is your new self.

The newly released promotional movie focuses on students who are thinking about and applying what they can do today, in the “new kind of student life” premised on coronavirus prevention measures. The six students featured in the movie speak candidly about their student experience up to now and going forward, and describe what life at Meiji Gakuin University is like today. They go to campus, study, have lunch, talk with friends. Activities like these used to be perfectly ordinary, but now seem truly precious. That’s why, as a university entrusted with students’ day-to-day experience, we will continue to value the “ordinary” aspects of student life. Be sure to see the movie!

Creating Your Links to the World

Meiji Gakuin University places a strong emphasis on international education and exchanges. Meiji Gakuin University provides many opportunities to develop links to the world, through its overseas study program, as a place to understand the world through its political, economic, and cultural background, and as a place to consider the issues of the day through interactions with persons of many different nationalities. To come to know the world, you must come to know Japan and come to know yourself. If you are not confident of your language ability, this is your opportunity to discover a new self by exchanging experiences with others.


Deeping Your Studies

No one knows what will happen in the world or what the future holds for oneself as an individual. This is why it is essential to use your four years of study as an undergraduate to develop the capacity to think (which is to say, to live). First there is the door of curiosity: open it! What makes Meiji Gakuin University special is the way that studying one thing can lead, via research and practice of various kinds, to all sorts of new possibilities that sometimes go beyond the scope of your faculty or department. The faculty consists of unique individuals who are ready to listen to your thoughts and doubts. Discover something new each day, and taste the joy of learning that comes from encountering yourself anew.

Sharing Laughs and Tears with Your Friends

Meiji Gakuin University aims to promote excellence in both academics and athletics by actively supporting independent student activities related to both sports and culture, resulting in a wide variety of active clubs and circles. The rugby club, thesoccer club, and other sports clubs are part of the Project to Enhance Sports at Meiji Gakuin. Another example of the wide variety of activities that students can participate in is the dance circle Break Jam, which boasts a record of having won the title of Best Dance Circle in Japan for both 2015 and 2017. Yet the greatest pleasure of participation in clubs and circles is getting to know valued friends with whom one can share the joy and excitement of these activities.

Growing Closer to Others

Based on its educational philosophy of “Do for Others,” Meiji Gakuin University not only supports autonomous efforts by students through volunteering and other activities, but also supports student life in a variety of ways, including note-taking, to address challenges in an increasingly diverse modern society. Standing by other people and getting to know them is the first step toward changing the world.