The “hospitality that will be remembered” required by a Japanese airline company

Eri Nagami
JAL SKY Co., Ltd.
International Flights Passenger Services, Haneda

Eri Nagami Graduated 2015, Faculty of Letters, Department of English

The JAL philosophy most important to me is “Have a beautiful mind.” As the Tokyo Olympics approach, the number of foreign visitors to Japan arriving via international flights to Haneda Airport, where I currently work, has increased significantly, making it truly a place filled with possibility. As part of the ground staff, the face of our airline, the other employees and I are working together every day in pursuit of the best hospitality possible.

I have always enjoyed interacting with people, and I aspired to this profession because I wanted to improve my customer service and people skills. The conviction that I should work “with all my heart,” developed through college club activities, along with JAL’s above-mentioned philosophy, have given me very strong feelings for my company. I managed to win a professional contest for airport services held two years ago by carefully practicing “proposing what I can draw from myself as a wide range of options.” The kind of person I aim to be is someone who listens well.

It isn’t easy to perfectly accommodate the needs of customers with a wide variety of backgrounds, but I am grateful to be in an environment where I can pursue the ultimate in hospitality, one where I can hear the words “Thank you, I’m glad I chose JAL,” and in that pursuit I will continue to face my customers in good faith every day.

My message to students

When I was a student, participating in the school’s “buddy system” for deepened international exchange was a very valuable experience. I also feel that working a part-time job at a cafe helped me to reconfirm my feelings regarding customer service. The four years you’ll spend at university are a once-in-a-lifetime event, so I hope you will use that time wisely, taking on every interesting challenge you’re presented with. I pray that you will have a wonderful university life.

Announcement judging during a contest. I aim at providing timely, clear, and easy-to-understand announcements. (This photo was taken during the contest.)