Faculty introduction

Take the first step toward acquiring the analytical skills and initiative essential in today’s economy

The Faculty of Economics balances cutting-edge research with an equally robust education program that is useful in the real world. Do you have the skills to understand and analyze complex information and data about the economy? Are you aware of the state of the business world today, and can you propose ways to make it better? Do you have what it takes to play a role in the global economy? Our Faculty helps students attain these abilities. The Department of Economics offers three programs adapted to various career paths: Policy Analysis, Corporate and System Design, and Global Studies. The Department of Business Administration focuses on discussion-oriented classes that link academic theory to corporate practice. In the Department of International Business, all students study abroad during the fall of their second year in order to develop the skills and attitudes demanded of a global workforce. Through programs such as these, the Faculty of Economics helps students step confidently into the world.

Satoko Nakano, Dean, Faculty of Economics

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