Faculty introduction

Take the first step toward understanding a wide range of societal issues

How many people can independently assess the economic news that floods their everyday lives? Perhaps an internet search will give them a basic understanding, but even if they learn what a term like “negative interest rate policy” means, will they be able to determine whether that policy is good or bad for Japan’s economy? My guess is that the overabundance of conflicting opinions on various websites is more likely to leave them confused. To become capable of making such judgements themselves, they need an education in economics. At Meiji Gakuin University’s Faculty of Economics, students first gain a solid grasp of micro- and macroeconomics, which form the foundation of the field, then study more specialized topics in their chosen department. Some people say a university education isn’t very useful in the real world, but the learning that takes place in the Faculty of Economics is essential for adult life. My hope is that before students enter that world, they take the time to engage deeply with the study of economics and business administration, building a foundation that enables them to understand real economic and business issues.

Yuri Sasaki, Dean, Faculty of Economics

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