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Department of International Business

Experience of international business in an array of languages and regions produces managers ready for the global stage

Amid an ever-changing economic environment, international business requires the ability to overcome differences in language, values, and political systems. The Department’s courses cultivate international communication skills and the basic academic abilities needed to understand the problems faced by companies in the context of global markets, enabling students to acquire the competencies required to function effectively in such a dynamic setting. The Department seeks students willing to take the initiative in the increasingly borderless world of international business.

Department of International Business

Key Features of the Department of International Business

Point 01
Business courses plus a foreign language program produce globally active graduates

Together with specialized classes in business, students choose from a diverse offering of classes aimed at improving their foreign language skills starting in their first year, including English for Business Communication, e-learning, Reading in Foreign Languages, and Overseas Field Studies (the latter two classes improve comprehension of international business in foreign languages). As a rule, all students study abroad during their second year.

Point 02
A foreign exchange program for all students polishes language skills and provides international business exposure

As a rule, all students study abroad during their second year, heading to approximately twelve partner schools in countries stretching from Europe and the United States to Asia. It’s an opportunity for dynamic, first-hand learning about international business through market studies on a different theme at each school. On returning, students prepare and present reports on their findings.

Point 03
Diverse intercultural programs including overseas internships

The goal of the Department’s many overseas learning programs is to develop students’ abilities to think for themselves and reach their own conclusions through the research they conduct while abroad. Among these are a study abroad program focused on learning from the global business environment and an international internship program that provides opportunities to apply classroom learning in the real world.

Point 04
A balanced curriculum of economics, business administration, and accounting/finance

The curriculum is comprised of three fields integrating economics and business administration. In their second year, students learn the basics of all three fields, while starting in their third year they select one of the following three programs based on future career plans. Management & Strategy Students focus on corporate structure and strategy. Accounting & Finance Students study corporate funding and accounting. Trade and Industry Students learn about commerce and industrial organization

Point 05
Support measures unique to the department and workshops to assist in finding employment

Aside from the support provided to all students by the university’s Career Center, students of the Department of International Business can take advantage of the Department’s own extracurricular guidance program. This program incorporates lectures by external speakers with experience of working for the personnel, hiring, and training departments of major corporations, as well as mock interviews and guidance in promoting oneself to prospective employers.

Program Structure

From their first year, students participate in small-group seminars of about twenty students to acquire basic academic skills. In the second year, students learn thinking and problem-solving skills in three areas of specialization, and all students study abroad in the fall. In their third and fourth years, students choose a field of interest from among the three fields of study, in which they will learn the practice of international business. Students explore their field of specialization through a curriculum that allows them to acquire both theoretical and practical skills.


Preparatory courses for a safe and effective study abroad experience

Preparation for Study Abroad

From the first year, all faculty in the Department of International Business will support students’ study abroad experiences with regards to the skills they can gain, preparation for safe travel, and the language skills and useful expertise they will need.

Gaining necessary English skills on the job

English for Business Communication

Students learn the four core language skills of hearing, reading, speaking, and writing with a focus on the business workplace. All-English lectures help students to acquire practical communication skills.

Managing different cultures

Special Study in Global Management

Our students gain an advanced understanding of managerial behavior, teamwork, and organizational management that transcends borders, cultures, and languages and leads to success in global business.

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