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Department of International Business

International business means to develop your business by overcoming differences in language, values, and political systems in a constantly changing economic environment. To ensure that students develop the competence to play a role in such a dynamic environment, the Department fosters fundamental abilities to understand corporate issues in the global market environment, as well as international communication abilities. The Department expects students to display initiative in the international business stage, which is constantly breaking down borders.

Department of International Business

Features of the Department of International Business

Developing personnel that are able to play a role on the global stage through specialized business subjects and a foreign language program

In addition to specialized subjects relating to business, the Department provides a range of programs, including “English for Business Communication” to improve foreign language skills in the first year, “e-learning,” which is conducted through the Internet, in addition to “Reading Foreign Documents” and “Overseas Field Study” in order to gain an understanding of international business in a foreign language. In principle, all students will undertake a foreign exchange in their second year.

All students undertake an exchange in their second year. This allows students to hone their language skills and experience international business firsthand

In principle, all students take part in exchanges to approximately fifteen partner schools, located in Europe, the US, and Asia. Students dynamically experience international business through market surveys, etc., with different themes for each study destination. After their return, students write reports on their experiences and present the reports at special presentations.

A balanced approach to learning about economics, business administration, accounting, and finance

The program comprises three fields that fuse economics with business administration. In their second year, students learn about the fundamentals of the those fields in specialized subjects, and from their third year, students select one out of the three in anticipation of their future career path.

  • Management and Strategy
    Learn about corporate structure and strategies

  • Accounting and Finance
    Learn about corporate fund procurement and profit calculation

  • Trade and Industry
    Learn about commerce and industrial organizations

  • A range of programs to experience foreign cultures, including overseas field studies and overseas internships

    The Department has many programs to learn through while overseas, in order to develop personnel that are able to think quickly and reach their own conclusions through investigation and research. Further, overseas internships cultivate a global attitude of work by utilizing knowledge in real-world situations.

    Lectures given by embassy staff, brimming with a sense of internationality

    Minato-ku is home to many embassies. The Department leverages this geographical advantage in its lectures, for example, in the 2015 academic year, the Department held lectures given by the Turkish embassy.

    Complete a master’s degree in five years with our early admission program

    Flow of the 4-Year Program

    [Specialized education]

    First year:Developing the fundamental skills necessary for business

    Students build the foundations for learning about global business, business administration, and economics. They acquire academic skills through small-group foundational seminars of approximately twenty-five students.

    Second year:
    Engaging with specialized subjects and developing an international perspective

    In their second year, students take specialized courses in three fields. In each field, the students learn modes of thought and problem solving.

    Third and fourth years: Learning about international business through practical application

    Students select from three fields according to their interests. Students pursue specialized fields through a curriculum that ensures students master both theory and practice.


    First year:
    Before exchange [From the first year to the fall of the second year]

    The Department conducts pre-exchange guidance to maximize the significance of the exchange. Students also improve their communication ability through business English subjects taught by foreign instructors.

    Second year:
    In principle, all students participate in exchanges [Fall of the second year (3 to 6 months)]

    Students attend one of approximately fifteen affiliated schools. In addition to improving their language abilities, students dynamically experience international business through specialized classes taught by local faculty members, with market surveys, etc.

    Third and fourth years: After exchange

    Students aim to improve their applied skills in specialized fields that are in line with their career plan. The Department also offers more programs to experience foreign culture and further deepen overseas learning.

    Paths after Graduation

    Graduates of the Department of International Business play a role in various industries and a range of different occupations, having received an education that trains global managers with an awareness of global business. A high proportion of graduates find work in finance and insurance, while other graduates have careers in industries such as travel, transportation, and logistics, trading and distribution, as well as fashion and electronics. Notable employers include Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, the Bank of Tokyo Mitsubishi UFJ, Nippon Life Insurance Company, Daiwa Securities Group, and All Nippon Airways. In recent years, graduates have also leveraged what they have learned in the Department of International Business and displayed their exceptional abilities at global corporations.

    Ratio of candidates for employment by industry (Fiscal 2014-2016)