Faculty introduction

The Faculty of Letters is a place where we dream about freedom. We may do it by reexamining our own interior, or by going out to what lies outside us. Either way is all right. In the mediocrity of every day, there is a place to escape from the stifling present-day and breathe fresh air, and that place is the Faculty of Letters. It is an enormous museum of humankind’s cultures, and it is also a microcosm that enfolds the feelings of various different eras like countless stars. At first, it may naturally seem to be filled with puzzles at every turn. With a little bit of patience, however, you are bound to encounter a brilliance that somehow entrances and draws you in. We do not want you to just learn little tricks to keep turning out tomorrows that are just like today, but rather to develop the strength to live and create tomorrows that are different from today.

Hidehiko Yuzawa, Dean, Faculty of Letters

Admission Policy