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French is the official language of around 30 countries. Through studying the language, learn about the culture, art, history, and sensibilities of the French-speaking world, one which is entirely different from both Japan and America. It is our hope that students in the Department will find that their encounters with a rich and poignant language, rooted in different literature and thoughts as well as novel approaches to art and film, throw open the doors to individual forms of creativity enhanced by vibrant emotions.

Department of French Literature

Features of the Department of French Literature

Studying French language, culture, and history is the means to have a unique world open up before your very eyes. Why push the door open to a new language complemented with attractive cultures?

Learn French by hearing it from native French instructors

Most new students in the Department of French Literature are coming into contact with the French Language for the first time. Learning French begins with grammar, conversation, and studying text. It is important for students to become accustomed to French pronunciation by attending classes taught by native instructors. An interest in literature, art, and philosophy assists student advancement.

Study a cross-section in a range of areas, including literature, art, and music

Students study the past and present of French culture from a range of perspectives, such as art, music, film, philosophy, history, social issues, and fashion, to enrich the joy of literary works, and develop unique ideas and expressions.

Discover tangible French cultures through lectures and art appreciation

The Department provides students with opportunities to directly come into contact with French culture through a range of special classes and events, such as film screenings, concerts featuring Japan-residing artists from French-speaking countries, lectures by French researchers, and seminars about wine.

Whether short-term, medium-term, or long-term: the Department has a range of exchange plans to choose from

The Department of French Literature actively supports students that wish to experience a foreign exchange at least once over the course of their 4-year studies. The Department offers programs lasting for a month, 6 months, or a year, at language schools in Paris and Dijon, the Institut d’Etudes Politiques d’Aix-en-Provence, the University of Rennes, and the University of Nice Sophia Antipolis. Through a credit recognition system, students are able to experience other cultures without delaying graduation.

The Department offers a full range of subjects to prepare for tests or exchanges!

•Préparation au DELF - Course to prepare for DELF (a French language test that is recognized by the French Ministry of National Education)
•French for tests
•Special French study to prepare for exchanges (common to all faculties of Meiji Gakuin)
•Topical French - Be able to read the news

Flow of the 4-Year Program

First year: Acquiring French language basics and learning about the cultures of French-speaking countries

Students experience the French language through a curriculum that provides students with a thorough grounding of the basics, while learning about the broad range of cultures that make up the French-speaking world, which ranges from France and Europe to Africa and the Caribbean.

Second year: In-depth study of topics of interest

Students further pursue the French language acquisition through a curriculum that features four classes per week. Subjects that allow the investigation and presentation of topics of interest also become available.

Third year: All students take part in seminars

From the third year, students are invited to choose subjects divided into three streams relevant to language, literature, art, history, philosophy and social issues. All students participate in seminars, and students hone the self-expression and persuasion skills that will be necessary once they enter society, by deepening their research into themes uncovered therein, engaging in debates, and giving presentations.

Fourth year: Working towards writing a graduation thesis

Students further extend their research to produce a graduation thesis, which is the culmination of their four years of study, in consultation with the teaching staff responsible for seminars. There are a wide range of thesis topics available.

Paths after Graduation

Students move on to work in industries such as translation, information processing, airlines, and fashion, in addition to editing, publishing, advertising and printing. Otherwise, there are many paths available to graduates that reflect the atmosphere of freedom at the Department of French Literature. For example, students have become teachers at junior-high and high schools, continued their studies at a post-graduate level, freelance writers, comic book artists, dancers, and even pâtissiers after completing exchanges in France.

Ratio of careers selected by industry, spanning 2014-2016