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Department of English
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Backed with over 150 years of English education, consider the relationships created with people around the world through this language
Students extend their education in English, which is an international language, to gain understanding and insight into other cultures. Through researching language and literature, students work towards achieving various goals, such as deepening their understanding of humanity, investigating different ways of life, and honing their international communication skills. Mastery of English requires persistent effort, but the Department expects students with the desire to take a step into a new world and overcome this challenge.

Department of English

Features of the Department of English

There are many reasons for entering the Department of English. Some people wish to embark on a dream career, making use of their intensive education, problem solving ability, and language ability, while others may have an interest in British or American culture, such as wishing to read Harry Potter in its original language, or experiencing a foreign exchange while at university. The Department of English supports each student as they step into the future, with the record and in-depth study of English that Meiji Gakuin University can easily provide.

Only Meiji Gakuin University is able to boast around thirty native-speaking faculty members

Students engage in basic drills, including reading, conversation, listening, and writing, in a small group English environment. In addition, the Department offers a range of study options, including online programs and lessons given via video-conferencing with an Australian university.

Learn about English culture in-situ, through foreign exchanges and overseas internships

The department offers short and long-term exchange programs, where students study the history and values that are at the core of history and culture, as well as holding briefing sessions, which are unique to the Department, to hear about the experiences of past participants. In addition, the Department also encourages participation in overseas internships, which combine the benefits of exchanges and internships.

Debate in English to increase conversation and reasoning abilities

In third and fourth year, the Department offers subjects that feature speeches, debates, and discussion, in order for students to increase their English proficiency. Student train for the ability to convey their own opinion in English, and develop practical, cross-cultural communication abilities.

Students that wish to be become teachers are supported by graduates that are currently working as English teachers

At the Department of English, which has produced many teachers, graduates participate in the “English Teachers’ Association,” which hosts lectures and reports from graduates, etc. Students that wish to become teachers find this is a valuable opportunity to listen to talks given by people currently working in the field, and be inspired by them. Also, each fall, the Department holds a “Certificate Seminar,” which has produced many exceptional teachers.

*It is possible to obtain an English teaching certificate upon completion of the English education-related subjects or the teacher training part course.

Flow of the 4-Year Program

First and second year: Ensure a solid grasp of English through small-group seminar-style classes

Students learn the foundations of “English literature,” “American literature,” and “English linguistics,” while reinforcing the base of their English ability. Students begin to consider their course of specialization, and it is possible for them to choose seminars that attract their interest from their first year.

Third and fourth years: Specialized research in one of three different courses

In “Third and Fourth Year Seminars,” which are taken as part of the students’ course of specialization, students engage in specialized research, which takes place amid contact between course advisors and students.

Paths after Graduation (2014 to 2016 academic years)

Throughout the rich tradition of English language education at Meiji Gakuin University, the Department of English has produced exceptional English teachers. Many graduates contribute to society as junior high school and high school English teachers, as well as teachers in specialist language schools. In addition, graduates find work in a wide range of private enterprises, in industries including finance, insurance, service, hotels, travel, transportation, and logistics. Major employers include the Mizuho Financial Group, the Bank of Tokyo-Mitsubishi UFJ, the JTB Group, and all Nippon Airways.

Ratio of careers selected by industry, 2014-2016