Faculty introduction

Exploring the diverse wisdom of humanity and cultivating the skills to create the future

When you hear the phrase “Faculty of Letters,” you probably expect a place where students read novels, poems, and plays. Our students do study English and French and get to know literary works written in those languages, but because each piece of literature exists within a broad cultural, societal, and historical context, they also naturally encounter the variety and complexity of human life. Our Faculty is distinguished by its academic diversity, which encompasses the study of languages as well as research into how they are taught. Students may also study music, film, theatre, and fine art–even if they are not enrolled in the Department of Art Studies. We take pride in being a place where students can spend a rewarding and enriching four years, in part because we allow this type of cross-departmental enrollment. As a final note, let me add that I encourage students in all fields to read broadly, deeply, and often.

Hidetoshi Tomiyama, Dean, Faculty of Letters

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