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part 1: up to 1600

Bibliography in progress of translations from classical Japanese up to about 1600, including also works written in kanbun and Chinese, and items described as "late Muromachi or early Kinsei." For Edo period writings see for now "by author" page (under construction). References are given to selected secondary literature, either here or on studies page.

Version without kanji. For version with Japanese text see trans (or transj for version with titles in Japanese).

Works are listed under their romanized TITLES. Use the alphabetical list in the left frame to speed your search. Within each page, you can use the browser FIND command.

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Frequently mentioned works (e.g. Keene, Anthology) are cited in abbreviated form as are titles of some journals and series (e.g. MN for Monumenta Nipponica). See Abbreviations and bibliography

Within each entry, translations are in reverse order of date, i.e. most recent translations come first. I have tried to add details of recent reprints. Works are listed under the name of the translator, with omission of "trans." and name of original Japanese author.

Do tell me if you spot any omissions or mistakes, or if you have suggestions about the format adopted. Thanks to all those who have helped thus far. More help needed!

E-TEXT links will lead to a page giving details of a downloadable Japanese text file. You should also check web pages of Professor M. Shibata (Meisei Univ.), Professor Akihiro Okajima (Fukui Univ.) and Professor Shin'ichi Kikuchi (Konan Woman's Univ.).

REV = book review (surname of reviewer, journal, vol. and date). More references needed!

Do tell me if you spot any omissions or mistakes, or if you have suggestions about the format adopted. For a fuller list of translations, covering many more works in kanbun, see Francine Herail, Bibliographie japonaise (Paris: POF, 1986). In association with (,,, links have been added to most recent edition in print.

A longer version of this introduction, with other editorial notes, can be found here.

Many thanks to everyone who has written to point out errors and omissions, or to suggest ways to improve this bibliography. Substantial contributions were received from: X. Jie Yang, Niel Guelsberg, Lorinda Kiyama, Roberta Strippoli, and Michael Wachutka.

I am also grateful for suggestions and corrections from Robert Borgen, Richard Bowring, Rose Bundy, Charo B. D'Etcheverry, Jordi Escurriola, Karel Fiala, Stephen Forrest, H. Mack Horton, Robert Khan, Christina Laffin, David Lurie, Robert E. Morrell, Denise O'Brien, Noel Pinnington, John Schmitt-Weigand, Joseph Sorensen, Kendon Stubbs, Hitomi Tonomura, Melanie Trede, Klaus Vollmer, and Joshua Young. Apologies to anyone I've overlooked. Last but not least, many thanks to Kate Nakai for making the Monumenta Nipponica index available on the Web:

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