International Student Program (Fee-based)

The Meiji Gakuin University International Student Program (MGU-ISP) provides an opportunity for English-speaking students from our exchange partners to learn about, and personally experience Japan for a period of one or two semesters.

The aim of this program is to provide a creative academic environment for studies pertaining to Japan and the Japanese language for international students wishing to further broaden their views at the heart of Tokyo.

Starting April 2010, MGU opened the program to university students from non-partner Universities to further nurture the notion of international exchange within its campus, to be shared by the international students, the exchange students, the four year regular students and faculty members.


The International Student Program currently welcomes exchange students from partner universities located in Asia, Europe, North America and Oceania. MGU receives students from the following institutions:

University of Manchester, UK
University of East Anglia, UK
Oxford Brookes University, UK
Monash University, Australia
Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand
Hope College, USA
University of Rochester, USA
Washington College, USA
Texas State University - San Marcos, USA
University of Kentucky, USA
University of New Mexico, USA
San Francisco State University, USA
Hunter College, USA
University of Central Arkansas, USA
Simon Fraser University, Canada
University of Hamburg, Germany
Trier University, Germany
Maastricht University, Holland
Zuyd University of Applied Sciences, Holland
University of Alcalá, Spain
Universidad de Málaga, Spain
Zagreb School of Economics and Management, Croatia
Suleyman Sah University, Turkey
Institut d’Etudes Politiques, Aix-en-Provence, France
University of Rennes 2, France
Universite Nice Sophia Antipolis, France
University of the Philippines, Diliman, Philippines
Thammasat University, Thailand
National Economics University, Vietnam
Soochow University, Taiwan
National Chengchi University, Taiwan
Capital Normal University, China
Yonsei University, Korea
University of Seoul, Korea
Soongsil University, Korea

The program follows the Japanese academic calendar of two semesters which constitute an academic year: 1) Spring Semester (April to July) and 2) Fall Semester (September to February). Students may enter the program in either semester.

Academic Program

The program follows the Japanese academic calendar of two semesters which constitute an academic year:
1) Spring Semester (April to July)
2) Fall Semester (September to January).

Students may enter the program in either semester for one or two semesters. The designated arrival dates (though subject to change depending on the year) are:
1) Spring Semester: April 1 (classes to commence in mid April)
2) Fall Semester: September 1 (classes to commence in late September)

The International Student Program consists of:
1) A mandatory Intensive Japanese Language course divided into 5 levels (6 credits)
2) A selection of elective courses and seminars offered in English by various MGU faculties with a focus on Japanese social and cultural issues (2 credits per class)

Course Schedule Tokyo(Sample)   (PDF / 96 KB)
Course Schedule Yokohama(Sample)   (PDF / 85 KB)
Course Description Tokyo(Sample)   (PDF / 66 MB)
Course Description Yokohama(Sample)   (PDF / 66 MB)

Though registration to the Intensive Japanese Language course is limited to exchange students and fee-based international students only, the elective courses offered in English are also open to full time MGU students, allowing for a truly international and integrated academic atmosphere rarely seen in Japanese Universities.

Participants to this program who are also holders of Level 1 of the Japanese Language Proficiency Test (JLPT) are allowed to take all courses offered at MGU upon prior permission from the instructor. Students should be aware that some courses require prerequisites apart from the abovementioned language requirement.

Submittal of the relevant documents, upon arrival to Japan, proving that the student holds the required prerequisites remains to be the incoming students’ responsibility.

ISP students are required to take the Intensive Japanese Language course at their base campus. However, they may also register for ISP courses offered at the other campus should their daily class schedule allow for the commute between the Shirokane and Yokohama campuses. Program participants should note that the trip between the two campuses roughly takes 1 hour.

Confirmed course schedules are sent out to applicants once ready.

Students participating in the International Student Program are allowed to register for a maximum of 24 credits per semester, including the mandatory Intensive Japanese Language course.


MGU maintains an off campus co-ed dormitory located in Okusawa for its ISP participants. Located in a quiet residential district in central Tokyo, with easy access to both the Shirokane (approximately 30 minutes door to door) and Yokohama (approximately 60 minutes door to door) campuses, the dormitory (MG Okusawa House) offers an environment fit for academic pursuit. All students must stay in the Okusawa dormitory for admittance to the International Student Program.

MG Okusawa House offers single occupancy rooms with shared kitchen, shower, bathroom, laundry facilities and lounge area. Rooms come equipped with a desk, chair, closet, bed, linen and internet access.

Fees / Costs

Spring Semester (April - July) 340,000yen
Fall Semester (September - January) 340,000yen

To finalize acceptance to the program, students must wire the abovementioned amount to a designated bank account prior to their arrival. Please refer to the “Payment deadlines” section below for further details.

Single Room (Fall Semester) 250,000yen (for those staying for one semester only)
Single Room (Fall Semester) 350,000yen (for those staying for two semesters)
Single Room (Spring Semester) 200,000yen (for those staying for one semester)
Single Room (Spring Semester) 250,000yen (for those staying for two semesters)
Deposit 25,000yen (a one off payment valid for the duration of the student’s stay – to be returned upon checkout in cash minus any fees needed for repair/cleaning above those considered normal “wear and tear”)

The rent is inclusive of all utility costs (electricity, gas, water, internet), but does not include a meal plan. Students are requested to make use of the shared kitchen to cook their own meals at the dorm.

Rent payment for the entire duration of the student’s stay must be arranged by designated deadlines prior to their arrival. MGU is not able to accept payment of rent on a monthly basis. Please refer to the “Payment deadlines” section below for further details.

Payment deadlines (tuition and accommodation):
Spring Semester (April - July) March 1 to 15
Fall Semester (September - January) August 1 to 15

1)Students participating for two semesters must pay tuition for both semesters in a lump sum prior to their arrival.
2)Students participating for two semesters are requested to pay rent for both semesters prior to their arrival, but have the option of paying rent for the second semester during the abovementioned deadline. Students who wish to take this option must settle all payments in cash. Credit cards will not be accepted.
3)The deposit must also be paid along with the rent. However, this is a one off payment valid for the duration of the student’s stay, to be refunded in cash (minus all costs as noted above) after a mandatory room check prior to departure.

*All bank fees/handling charges remains to be the sole responsibility of the participating student. Participants should note that there is a 2,500yen handling charge per transaction which will automatically be deducted by the Japanese bank. Students will thus need to add 2,500yen to the total amount to ensure transfer of the full fee.


Participants to the International Student Program must join the Japanese National Health Insurance Scheme, which automatically covers 70% of most medical/dental expenses incurred in Japan. The premium depends on an individual's income and place of residence, but the figure for students living in Tokyo is normally set around 14,400 yen per year. Arrangements for National Health Insurance, along with the mandatory “Resident Registration”, will be made shortly after arrival as part of overall orientations.

Estimated Personal Expenses

Participants to the International Student Program are strongly urged to bring adequate funds to support themselves for the duration of their stay in Japan. Though personal expenses naturally vary depending on one’s lifestyle, the following is a rough breakdown of minimum expenses. The expenses quoted below assume a relatively frugal lifestyle.

Food 30,000yen per month
Allowance 20,000yen per month
Local Transportation 6,000yen per month

*Participants to the program should note that MGU will provide a “transportation subsidy” of 40,000yen per semester to cover the transportation costs between MG Okusawa House and the Shirokane Campus.


Interested University students should submit the designated application form, along with all required supporting documents, to the address listed below to be considered for acceptance to the program. The application deadlines are usually set in mid October for Spring admission and mid March for Fall admission

Applicants with no knowledge of the Japanese language must master “hiragana” prior to their arrival as a condition of their acceptance.

The selection results will be announced by January for admission in the Spring semester and June for admission in the Fall semester. Further information regarding pre-departure and post-arrival arrangements will be sent out as the acceptance procedure proceeds. In the meantime, we look forward to receiving inquiries from interested students at the following email address:


Center for International Cooperation in Education
Meiji Gakuin University
1-2-37 Shirokanedai Minatoku Tokyo 108-8636
Telephone: +81-3-5421-5423 Fax: +81-3-5421-5458


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